Monday, July 25, 2011

-- Worst Day of the Year

My mom was in kind of a somber mood this morning.  I knew better than to pry, so I didn't say anything while I went for my morning walk with her.  I figured if she wanted to talk about it, she would say something to me. 

Her mood perked up when she received a Skype call from my brother Richy in Iraq.  And then my brother Rob called her.  And then my Aunt Teeta called her.  And then Tristin called her.  Why was everyone calling my mom?  Hmm...  She sure was popular. 

Then my dad told me.  My mom turned 105 years old today (yep, that's what she told him).  My mom called today the "Worst Day of the Year."  I don't understand why-- don't we get to have cake?

Today, our journey takes us to Portland, Oregon.  I sat in the back seat and worked on my blog as my dad drove the Supervan. 

For lunch, we stopped in Walla Walla, Washington (haha, that's funny). 
On the corner of Main Street, there was this nice looking doggy and I said, "Oh hai."   She totally dissed me. 

I thought it had something to do with concentrating on the objects she balanced on her nose.  Then my dad said, "Tank, that's a statue of a dog-- it's not real."   No way-- Aw shucks...
OMG-- I am so embarassed

We ate pizza for lunch (yum) and headed south.  Then we crossed the state line into Oregon:

We followed alongside the Colombia River toward the west coast:

It seemed as though my mom's obsession today was bridges:

We arrived in Portland...
... but before we settled in for the night, it was time to grab some dinner.  And as usual, I was left behind.  My mom and dad went to Buster's for a little taste of heaven while I smelled the delightful barbecue scents from the Supervan window...
The pay off was a doggy bag full 'o pulled chicken and pork.  Ahhhh... 

We arrived at a nice little park named Roamer's Rest (hah!) a few miles south of Portland.  Here's our campsite:

I nestled into a spot on the grass and hugged my water bowl.  I wanted to show my mom that I could drink the whole thing without barfing it up.  So far so good...
Please sir-- may I have some more?


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