Saturday, July 9, 2011

-- Hot Day and Hot Dogs

I heard the chirping of birds and opened my eye to peek up at a beautiful blue sky.  There was not a hint of rain today and I was excited to go outside.  Here is a picture of our campsite:

There was a posted sign that said I could only be in the campsite and walk on the roads, so trails were off limits.  That stinks.  We decided to take a nature walk and as we started down the road, my mom was worried that her head was going to get sunburned.  Since my mom forgot to bring a hat, she had to borrow one of my dad’s.  She said she felt so silly with it on. 

My mom was worried about my head too.  I posed for her in my hat:
Does this make me look fat?
Echo Park is a cool place to camp.  It’s like a valley with huge mountains surrounding us. 

There are 22 campsites available and we are only 1 of 3 groups here.  I guess it’s either too far for people to drive in here or the trail might be to much tackle, but there are cars down here too, so it’s not just for 4WD vehicles.  I guess it depends on the time of year. 

We saw this cool mountain with a hole in the bottom of it.  It was called Whispering Cave. 

The road was right next to it, and I could feel cool air coming out of the cave.  I begged my dad to check it out, and I promised I wouldn’t pee or poop in it, so he let me come with him to the entrance. 

My mom went inside.  She said you couldn’t walk that far, but she took a picture of me and my dad from inside the cave as we waited for her at the entrance. 

Reluctantly, we left Whispering Cave.  I could have stayed there all day because it was so nice and cool there. 

Oh, by the way, my mom was wearing her bear pepper spray.  Since there was a sign in the campgrounds that black bears were active in the area, my mom wouldn’t leave the Supervan without the spray.  She hooked it right on her belt.

We crossed a stream and it was the perfect opportunity to cool my belly.  I got a drink too!

We followed the road down to the river.  I wasn’t allowed to go down there, but my mom took a photo for me.

I was getting a little overheated by this time.  Wearing a fur coat 24/7 definitely has its disadvantages in the heat, so we headed back to camp.

My dad stopped at one of the empty campsites on the way and let me get a long drink out of the water spigot. 
We ate lunch and I took a long nap under the tree while my dad read a book.  It’s peaceful here.  The afternoon seemed to fly by.  I guess because I slept through it.  Ha ha. 

For dinner, we had a weenie roast.  I watched my dad with longing as he roasted a weenie on the fire-- I was so jealous.

Wanna know how cool my dad is?  He invited me over and said I could roast a weenie too.
La la la...  roastin' a weenie...  sweet.
After it cooked, my dad slapped a bun around it, and then it was chow time…
Gulp gulp gulp!
I’m probably gonna have a belly ache tonight, but that hot dog was worth it!  Yum!  

With a full belly, it wasn’t long before I fell asleep in the Supervan… straddled between my shotgun chair and the porta-potty… 
...and I dreamed of squirrels.

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