Tuesday, July 5, 2011

-- Room With a View

Up early again today.  My dad said it’s gonna get hot quickly here at the lake, so we need to pack up the Supervan and get back on the road.  The lake was calling to me, but my mom didn’t want me to get wet again after she took so long to brush me out last night.  And so, I said a fond adieu as I watched the lake disappear from sight.

My dad said our destination today is Salt Lake City.  The heat is becoming a factor for me.  Try wearing a fur coat all day in 104 degree weather (ah, now you can understand).  My mom checked the Internet and told me there are plenty of squirrels that hang out in Salt Lake City, so we headed back up the 95 with my dad at the wheel. 

Here’s a photo that I let my mom take before I kicked her out of my seat:

Now here’s something to gripe about  All these environmentalists are so concerned about renewable energy, as well as the appearance of the environment-- and then I see this along the highway:
How beautiful...  yeah right!

As we pressed on, I heard my dad talking to my mom about a couple of issues with the Supervan that needed attention.  One was the air compressor.  It failed on us the other day when we got stuck.  My dad said that letting some of the air out of the tires helps when you are 4-wheeling and after we got out of the dirt, he fired up the air compressor to refill the tires.  Pfft.  It pooped out and we had to drive to a gas station to fill the tires.  Today, while we were on the road, my dad called the company that made the air compressor, and talked with the owner.  He was a mighty nice guy and said he would replace it for us.  The other problem is the airbag light.  My dad says that’s something real serious, so when we got to Salt Lake City, we dropped off the Supervan at the Ford dealer. 

We checked into a local hotel and my mom said she was happy to sleep in a real bed after a week.  I don’t think it had anything to do with being uncomfortable in the Supervan-- I think she just likes hotels with room service and a hot bubble bath. 

My dad had a man-to-man talk with me as we looked out at the view from our room. 
He told me that the restaurant he wanted to go to for dinner didn’t have outdoor seating, and you know what that means… They ditched me and left me in the hotel room all alone. 

And my mom closed the toilet seat lid so I couldn’t even sneak any drinks while they were gone. 
I'm so lonely, I could cry...

At least my dad left Fox News on the television for me. 

My mom and dad took me for a nice walk after they got back from dinner and I was so happy I couldn’t contain myself!  We walked through this strange sculpture-thingy, and this flexible sticks were swaying in a field of gravel.
I checked it out, and it’s a good thing my mom had a spare poop bag in her pocket…  You guessed it.  My first order of business-- right there in the middle of the sculpture. 

After that, I had a skip in my step and a wag to my tail. 

We went to a park and my dad gave me some bread from Buca di Beppo.  Yummy!

Then we headed back to the hotel…  Not a lot of excitement today, and certainly no squirrels hiding out in the Hilton. 


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