Thursday, July 7, 2011

-- On the Road Again...

I kinda like this hotel thing.  Since we can't fix our own breakfast, we get to go to Starbucks again... yum!  A bagel two days in a row.  
Hee hee... that tickles!

After I ate my bagel, I wanted to get in my last hotel nap since my mom and dad were ignoring me, using their computers.  So I parked myself underneath the window and stretched out, upside-down. 
My dad woke me up later and we walked two miles to the Ford dealer to pick up the Supervan while my mom ran some errands.  We decided to have lunch before starting our next journey and the restaurant we chose wouldn't allow me on their outdoor patio.  Pfft.  They won't be getting our money. 

Sometimes, these businesses treat me like I am an animal or something. 

After eating lunch at a more 'Supertank-friendly' establishment, we walked back to the hotel and I protected my mom as we crossed the street (since there are crosswalks with no stop lights in Salt Lake City, we are supposed to carry a florescent flag as we cross and I told my mom I would do the honors).
Safety first...  I shoulda been a boy scout.
Then I waited diligently while my mom and dad checked out of the hotel. 
Ain't I a good little boy?
...And then, as the song says, we were on the road again. 

Originally, today's journey was supposed to be a ride up to Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.  Yesterday, a bear fatally attacked a hiker in the back country and many parts of the park were closed down.  My dad got out the map and we decided to head east instead.  We stopped in Duchesne, Utah, at a place called "Starvation Lake."  It must have been reading my mind, because my mind was definitely on food when we arrived.  We set up camp and the first sign I see is this:
I looked over at my mom and she sadly shook her head with pity.  I knew she felt my pain.  I had so much fun at Lake Powell the other day and I was hoping to have more fun in the water... 

The campsites were decent, and I got my very own covered picnic table.  I hung out there in the shade while my mom went to check out the bathrooms and showers.  I wanted to go with her, but I watched in sorrow as she walked away without me.  Now get this-- guess what she saw running by the bathroom entrance...?  A squirrel!!!  Ugh.  Doesn't that figure?  And then my mom has to rub my nose in it by telling me that she saw it and I didn't.  Sheesh. 

To make matters worse, it began to rain.  And not just little drips, but real fatty drops.  My dad came out to the picnic table area to sit with me and BAM!  There was lightning and thunder right over our heads!  Crap, it was loud!  Dad and I high-tailed it into the Supervan for cover. 

What a difference in the weather.  We sat in the Supervan staring out the windows, and yow!  There went the lightning and thunder again.  I wanted my mom to take a picture when the lightning struck, and she kept getting askaird when she held the camera up through the screen, so I had to improvise...
an embellishment, but you get the idea...
This stinks.  It's a muddy mess out there and my mom won't even let me roll around in it.  Come morning, I'm going squirrel hunting-- and I'm gonna hang out in front of the ladies' room and wait for that little sucker. 


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