Sunday, July 10, 2011

-- Mosquito Highway

Zzzz…  Zzzz…  Bacon…  Zzzz…  huh?  Bacon?   It must be Sunday.  Happy me! 

While my mom cooked breakfast in the Supervan, my dad took me out for an early morning pee and waited patiently before I chose just the right spot to take a dump.  These things can’t be forced, you know. 

The clouds had returned during the night and when we were back inside the Supervan, it started raining again.  Good thing we are leaving today, cuz I don’t want to be looking out the window all day, wishing I could be rolling around in the mud.  My dad ate his potatoes and bacon, and my mom dripped a little bacon 'juice' (sounds a lot healthier than 'grease', huh?) over my food, just to tickle my tastebuds.  I helped her prewash the dishes while my dad packed up the Supervan and it was back on the road. 

The hour and a half trek back to the main road was a little dicey, and the dirt roads had turned to mud roads.  My mom was having a cow in the back seat cuz we were sliding around a bit as we climbed the winding hills.  Sheesh Mom, take a pill or something.

We stopped for gas in a town called Rangely, Colorado.  The gas station had a mini-mart called the “Loaf ‘n Jug.”  Ha ha.  Now that’s funny.

Then, we looked for a place to eat lunch and stopped at this place called the Main Street Pub.  It looked decent from the street.  There were several motorcycles out front and some pretty sketchy-looking guys sitting outside.

My dad went inside to check it out while my mom and I waited out front.   My mom said the men were creepy and she felt weird.  It looked to me like we were on some movie set and the creepy men were gonna turn into zombies and eat us or something by the way they kept staring at us.  Then, my dad came back outside and shook his head and said, “Let’s go.”  He told my mom the people inside looked creepy too, and it was really just a bar, not a restaurant. 

We drove through a town named Rifle, Colorado.  Here’s another funny gas station…hah!

Then we stopped at a really good pizza place.  My mom and dad ate the good stuff and I got the crust (which is good stuff to me!).

The drive to Gypsum on highway 70 east was very scenic.  My mom even got off her lazy butt from the back seat to take a couple of pictures:

Soonafter, we arrived at the River Dance RV Park, right off the highway.   Oh boy, where is Michael Flatley?  What?  There's no show?  That blows.

The campgrounds looked decent, however, there were gazillions of mosquitos and the noise from the highway was not exactly what I called "peaceful surroundings."

After we settled in, my mom spent the rest of the evening in the laundry room, washing a ton of dirty clothes while fighting off mosquitos hovering around her.  She ran out of quarters for the dryer and she had to walk to the office in the dark. 

The people who work at the RV Park would never win a contest for "Mr. & Mrs. Congeniality," that's for sure.  They never smiled and my mom said she felt like she was bothering them when she asked for change.  Then, my mom tried to be nice to their dog and said, "Hi there sweetie," and the lady said, "Please don't talk to our dog."  My mom looked up, confused, and the lady told her that they were training the dog not to interact with other people.  Okay... 

So my mom took her quarters and returned to the mosquito room-- I mean the laundry room. 

After using all of her quarters, the clothes were still damp and she packed them up anyway and stumbled along the dark gravelly road toward the Supervan.  Needless to say, my mom was not in a very good mood when she returned to the Supervan at 10pm...

And then it started pouring again!!! 
I think an evil rain cloud must be following me... 

Yep, I was right.   And I bet those pesky squirrels are behind it...


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  1. Sounds like a lot of folks out there on the road aren't happy to see you--no dogs on trails, no dogs on patios, no dogs on the grass, don't talk to my dog...sheesh! Thank goodness for the kids you meet as they will always love and adore you. As far as them unfriendly grown-ups, well--be happy you're just visiting those places and not stuck running one. I bet they get all sorts of uppity tourists and clearly some of them have been soured by dealing with them day in and day out. Just keep being your sweet lovable self and I hope you meet some good folks real soon. And some pesky squirrels, too! xoxo Ruby