Sunday, July 24, 2011

-- Okay, So I Have a Little Drinking Problem...

The fat little piggy darted left and right, dodging trees and anything else in its path.  I followed on its heels closely, inhaling the sweet smell of pork as I ran.  The piggy exited the forest and slipped into an alleyway littered with discarded beef jerky treat wrappers, empty Milkbone boxes, and remnants of Kibbles 'n Bits.  The alley dead-ended and the piggy seemed to know he was toast.  Well, he was about to be toast.  We walked hoof and paw together to my mom and dad's house for breakfast.  The little piggy hopped into the oven and minutes later, my mom removed a tray of neatly layered strips of bacon and I squealed in delight as the aroma wafted into my dilated nostrils.  Strands of slobber clung to my jowls and I waited patiently in a "sit pretty" upright position as my mom set the tray of bacon in front of me...

"Tank... Tank...  Tank!" I heard my mom call out to me.  Huh?  I smell bacon.  Hey, it's Sunday again already?  Cool.  Bacon crumbles in my doggy food. 

After breakfast, I lucked out this morning when my dad said we were going on a nature walk.  The lake looked overwhelmingly inviting--

I looked over at my dad and he nodded in understanding.  And into the lake I went.

I didn't want to get out.  My dad tried and tried to coax me but to no avail.  And then, I heard a strange noise coming from a nearby tree.  I walked up onto the shore...
...and peered into the tree--

And there it was...  the pay off.

I started to creep up on the little varmint, and BAM!  He was gone.   Grr...  There's only one thing to do when this sitation occurs-- take a nap.

After my nap, we walked a few blocks to a restaurant named Rooster's for lunch. 

I sported my dog-in-training vest and instead of eating inside the restaurant, my dad suggested sitting on the patio deck overlooking the lake. 

The waiter brought me a huge bowl of water, and since it was over 100 degrees, I lapped it up without even breathing in between slurps.  Finally, my mom said "that's enough" and I stopped.  I probably didn't mention in my earlier posts that I have a drinking problem.  I just don't seem to know when to stop drinking and if my mom doesn't limit my water intake, it comes back up the pipe, if you know what I mean.  Anyway, just as my mom took the bowl away from me, my tummy started feeling gurgly, and the last thing I heard was my mom saying to my dad, "uh oh..." and then bbbblllluuuhhhhh!  

I barfed all over the patio. 

Remnants of my breakfast stared me in the face as little bitty chunks of food floated in the barfy water.  My mom grabbed a bunch of napkins from the table and dropped them onto the floor in a futile attempt to soak up all of the watery barf.  I felt kinda bad for her and started licking it up.  My mom said no, no, and I backed off.  Geez, mom, I was just trying to help.

So I have a little drinking problem-- I admit it.

We had planned to take a walk to Walmart after lunch, but my dad thought I should go back to the campsite and lie down for a while:

My mom went to Walmart alone.  Trust me-- she didn't mind. 

As she walked down the street, she saw an interesting house along the way:

Can't read the sign?  Here's a closer look:
Ha Ha Ha

My mom had arrived...  hope she doesn't go shopping-crazy...

Later on after it cooled down, my mom and dad ditched me for dinner and went to a nearby Mexican restaurant.  They brought me a tortilla and my mom took me for a twilight walk.

People bring all kinds of items with them when they camp.  Some bring hammocks, some bring propane barbecues, and some bring...  lawnmowers?

Here's a closer look:

Now I've seen everything.  She better not run over any squirrels with that thing--


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