Friday, July 29, 2011

-- Sweet Home, San Diego...

My dad said today was our last day on the road.  I said a fond farewell to Pismo Beach and we headed down the 101.  We met up with my bro, Rob, for lunch.  My mom embarrassed herself (and everyone else) by hugging my bro on the street and Rob did his best to tolerate it--probably out of sheer pity for the poor woman.  Sheesh Mom--contain yourself.  We are men now, and your P.D.A. is highly undesirable.

We ate lunch at a cool place in Westwood and food was coming at me from three different directions (well, just two really -- my bro thinks I’m a fatty, so he doesn’t sneak me any snacks under the table). 

Here is a photo of me with Rob:

Our drive home was ridiculous (ridiculous in a bad way--I have to point this out because Rob seems to think when something is ridiculous, it’s cool…).  We made the mistake of getting onto the 405 freeway at and the traffic on a Friday was like a parking lot.  Good thing my dad wasn’t driving or he would have been in an even worse mood.  Hah!

A would-be 2-hour drive from Westwood to San Diego turned out to be over 4 hours.  I knew we were almost there when I finally saw the sign.

After unloading the Supervan at the parking garage, we didn't get home until .  My bladder was stretched to capacity (I know, I know Mom…
I should have gone before we got into the van… geez, she’s such a mom sometimes). 

It’s been quite a super adventure of a road trip.  We put over 5,000 miles on my Supervan in 5 weeks. 

I definitely need a break from my mom and dad yapping at each other.  Here are a few examples from the past 5 weeks: 

“You missed the turn”
               “Why are you driving so slow, Sue?”
“I’m not going out there, Rich-- there are bears out there”
               “Why is it assumed that I have to empty the porta-potty?”
“Does the radio have to be that loud?”
               “What’s it take to get a meal around here?”
“Why do we have to take that sketchy road?”
               “You got anymore complaints, Sue?”
“Can’t we just buy more clothes instead of doing all this laundry?”
               “How am I supposed to record Fox News if we don’t have any satellite access?”
“These fricken mosquitoes are so annoying!”
               “Would you please stop typing on that computer?  I’m trying to sleep!
“Aren’t we there yet?”
               “Why do I have to do all the driving?”
 “I need a Diet Pepsi…”

Well, you get the idea.  It’s exhausting  being crammed up with my mom and dad for so long. 

I’m so tired, I just want to get in my sweet bed… 

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