Monday, July 4, 2011

-- Last One In is a Rotten Egg...

I woke up to a beautiful Independence Day and we received a nice email from my brother, Richy.  He’s in Iraq right now.  My dad read Richy’s email out loud to us and my mom got all emotional, as usual…  [eyes rolling] 
Sheesh, Mom, get a hold of yourself.

Then, my dad took me out for an early morning pee in our campsite. 

The sun was shining brightly, our American Flag was proudly displayed on our Supervan’s windshield… and those dang gnats were swarming around our heads like a cloud.  No wonder there are no squirrels here. 

I climbed back into the Supervan and stared out the window.  I felt like one of those little kids who couldn’t play outside cuz it was raining.

It was such a bummer that we decided to pack it up and we were on the road by .  My dad headed southeast toward the bottom of the Cathedral Valley while my mom had her iPhone handy, snapping pictures as usual. 

Along the way, we saw a huge rock called the Temple of the Sun.
It was so cool, I wanted to pee on it, but alas, my mom wouldn’t let me out of the Supervan while she took the photo. 

It seemed like every mile we traveled, the landscape changed.  Then we passed through this rocky area and I heard my dad say that Wyle E. Coyote must live there.

Later on, we stopped for lunch in a town called Hicksville, er, Hanksville
that is (easy to make that mistake).  Lots of rusty old vehicle-carcasses along the road, broken-down wooden shacks, and a bunch of lake people (my dad told me that Lake Powell is about an hour from here).

So after we ate our burgers (my mom shared her bun and french fries with me), we got back on Highway 95 with my mom behind the wheel.  I have no photos of this leg of the trip cuz my mom was busy driving and my dad doesn’t give a crap about taking pictures After about an hour, we stopped at a viewpoint in Hite and my mom was back at it with the camera:
I got to get out of the Supervan to admire the view, but the ground was way too hot on my feet!  Yow!

A few minutes later, we crossed over a cool bridge:  

...and took a detour when we saw a camping sign in Hite
This place was cool!  We camped right on the edge of Lake Powell.

My dad got out my tennis ball and threw it into the lake for me to fetch.  Since it was 104 degrees at , I couldn’t wait to get into that water 

My dad threw the ball again and again, and I was starting to get a little tired.  (Note:  My dad thinks that I can get a week’s worth of exercise in one outing since all we’ve been doing on this trip is eating, driving, and sleeping... anyway, I digress). 

My mom kept telling him not to throw the ball too far cuz I was running out of steam and I can’t be trusted to make sound decisions (must get ball, must get ball…).  My dad didn’t know his own strength, I guess, and he threw the ball really far.  I jumped into the lake and paddled as hard as I could.  As I approached some underwater bushes, I noticed a big stick, and thought, screw the ball-- I want this stick. 

Unfortunately, I got caught up in the bushes and I started to struggle and sink under the water. 

My head was barely visible, and I heard my mom yell to my dad,
“Oh My God, Rich-- he’s stuck and he’s going under! 

Then my dad said, “Well, you  go get him!”  
...and into the lake my mom jumped to save me

She grabbed me by the collar and pulled me in.  And the coolest thing of all?  I still had the stick in my mouth the whole time!  Ha ha. 
[uhMom not laughing] 
My mom was soaking wet in her clothes and didn’t even have time to take off her expensive watch before she went in the lake.  My dad laughed as he took photos of us and told my mom to look at the bright side:  She didn’t have her iPhone in her pocket when she jumped in, so at least it didn’t cost $600 to save me.  [Mom still not laughing]. 

Come on in the water, Dad!  Last one in is a rotten egg!  ...I guess he didn’t hear me.

Here’s an action shot of me shaking off the lake water:
 Ha ha!  Ain't I silly?

Well, I’ve had my fun for the day.  The three-day weekend is over and I need to get my mind back on my quest
There are squirrels out there somewhere, and I will keep searching

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  1. Your dad deserves a kick in the butt, Supertank.