Friday, July 15, 2011

-- Aw, C'mon Mom; I Just Couldn't Help Myself...

No rain today!  Hooray!  My mom took me for an extended walk around the RV park.  Here’s a photo of the pool area and playground of the Cheyenne KOA Campground:

Yesterday, I got a fresh bandana.  Each time we cross into another state, I get to change my look. 
What do you think?  Pretty snazzy, huh?

The man in the office told my dad that I was allowed to play in the open field.  He said there were prairie dogs out there, whatever they are ...   

Okay, Mom, I’m gonna go play now. 

Dad-- throw the Frisbee already! 
Here’s a shot of me in action:

Wait for it…

But every time my dad tossed the Frisbee, I would chase it, then I would stop to stick my nose in the prairie dog holes.  My dad was getting frustrated because I wouldn’t bring the Frisbee back.  Haha.  Too many prairie dog holes out there to smell…

That was fun… but now we need to get back out on the road.  We are heading east on Interstate 80 into Nebraska today... 

…then north on Highway 71.  Lots of farms and wide open space …

As we were driving, we saw a blue pick up truck ahead of us with 3 dogs in the back.  The tailgate was down and the dogs were all over the place-- they weren’t even on a leash or anything!  My dad wanted to pass the truck cuz he didn’t want to be responsible for running one over if it jumped out… yikes!

We stopped in a town called Scottsbluff, Nebraska:   
Ha ha... the Git 'n Split-- that's funny!

My dad saw a sign for an El Torito restaurant, but somehow it didn’t quite look like the El Torito in California
It wasn’t. 

Why do they bother to use this size of a salsa bowl if they are only going to put a spoonful of salsa in it?   There was enough salsa for about 5 chips, so my dad asked for more salsa and they brought another bowl-- with exactly the same paltry amount in the bottom of the bowl!  Hah!

But my mom brought me a tortilla and it tasted good, so no complaints here ...  However...

When my mom and dad climbed into the Supervan, I got into some trouble.  This morning, I had a little hot spot on my side.  My mom cleaned it up and put some Neosporin on it and told me to leave it alone.  As soon as they left the Supervan to go into the El Torito restaurant, I smiled innocently at them from the front seat as they walked away.  Then, as soon as the coast was clear, I began to lick and chew on it (haha), but by doing so, I made the hot spot worse.  When my mom came back and noticed that I was a sneaky little boy while they were gone, I knew I was really in for it-- she threatened me with the cone-of-shame again… ugh. 

Aw, c’mon Mom-- I just couldn’t help myself!

We arrived at Ft. Robinson State Park, Nebraska in the early afternoon. 

Our campsite was great.  Lots of grass and a big, shady tree. 

I didn't see any squirrels, but there were some suspicious-looking mounds of dirt in the grass.  Upon further investigation, I detected gophers!  Unfortunately, I couldn't get at 'em because of the stinkin' cone-of-shame ...

I really did it this time-- it's my own dang fault.


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