Monday, July 11, 2011

-- I Kissed a Bunny, and I Liked It

It was a no-brainer to leave the River Dance RV Park today.  We were actually going to stay another night until my mom and dad noticed they were covered in mosquito bites when we woke up.  After another quick laundry-load of towels, sheets, and blankets, we left Gypsum and headed for Vail, Colorado. 

It wasn’t a long drive.  When we pulled into town, I looked up and noticed a big green slide coming down the mountain.  Then my dad told me that it was a snow ski run-- only without the snow. 

We parked the Supervan (which was no easy feat in this town) and took a walk into the town.  There were lots of places for squirrels to hide, and I couldn’t decide which way to go.  I just prowled the streets, biding my time.

In order to please my mom, I posed for a quick snapshot-- all the while, searching…

I smelled something suspicious and looked to my right--

This way!  I told my mom, tugging my leash.  She followed me as I sniffed my way to the offending odor.  It was a decoy.  Fake bunnies-- no doubt placed there by sneaky squirrels to keep me off their trail. 
I kissed a bunny and I liked it...
We ate lunch at a quaint little cafe.  My mom said she could live here and my dad choked on his food and asked her if she knew how expensive the real estate was here. 

My mom was having a really good time, and then we drove on a trail up above the town.

And for my mom, that’s about where the fun ended. 

The rest of the uphill trail toward the campsite was pretty dicey and she had a death grip on the arm rest.  You can’t really tell, but we are going uphill... 

The campsite was kind of primitive.  You won’t find any laundry facilities or even picnic tables here.  In fact, we were the only ones in the area. 

My first order of business was watering the lawn...

My dad told my mom she needed to wear her bear pepper-spray, and that was all it took for my mom to high-tail it back into the Supervan for the rest of the afternoon. 

My dad let me off my leash for a while since there were no people or other dogs around.  I felt so free, like a 1960s bra-burning feminist!  I saw a bird and chased it toward the stream and started to wade in it.  My dad called out to me, but I couldn’t hear him cuz the rushing water was so loud.  I thought I heard my mom calling me from the Supervan window and I turned to look at her as my back legs were being tugged by the rushing water.  That’s when my mom jumped up from the seat in the Supervan and bumped her head.  My dad pulled me from the stream by my collar and my mom got all dizzy and had to lie down.  Sheesh.  What’s the big deal?  It’s a good thing I didn’t go for a stick this time though.  I don’t think my mom would have liked to go for a ride downstream in that cold water, rushing past our campsite. 

And then somehow, I ended up being tethered to my leash again. 

Did I do something wrong?

It’s pretty cold up here.  I shivered while I listened to my mom and dad argue about letting me come inside the Supervan since I was all wet.  My mom won the argument, and I smiled in contentment as I lay at her feet in the Supervan.  Although I wish she would stop scratching at her mosquito bites.  If she gives herself a hot spot, she might have to wear that cone of shame. 

Trust me, you don’t want to go there... 

My dad cooked dinner for my mom since she spent so much time doing laundry.  He's nice like that.  He even washed the dishes, and yes, I was the pre-washer.  Hee hee.  We're a great team!

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