Wednesday, July 27, 2011

-- California, Here I Come...

My dad and I have decided that Cape Blanco State Park in Oregon is the
#1 state park we have visited on our road trip.  Besides the large, private campsites, my nature walk was incredible. 

Through the copse of trees was a trail leading down to the Pacific Ocean.  I had no idea how close we were to the ocean until we stood at the edge overlooking the view.  However, it was a bit of a trek down to the beach.    

My mom and dad were being such slowpokes, so I started to run along the beach without them.  Then all of a sudden, I caught up with these guys--

There were some old logs strewn all over a section of the beach.  It looked like the bones of a fallen giant.
Ain't I agile?
Of course, I just had to walk all over the logs and look for squirrels underneath them.

My dad asked me to teeter-totter with him.  Are you serious?  Don't you agree that my dad is a little old for this type of juvenile behavior?  Ugh.  I gave it a try and held on for dear life.
You may notice that you cannot see my tail in the photo.  That's because I was askaird and my tail was between my legs.

Then it was time to head back up the trail to the campsite to pack up and get back on the road-- California here I come.

The drive along the southern Oregon coast reminded me a lot of California.  Except every once in awhile, there were these huge random rocks jutting out of the water.

We stopped at another Mexican restaurant named "La Flor de Mexico" in a town called Brookings, Oregon.  It seemed as though every time this restaurant changed their signage over the years, they just added the new sign and didn't remove the old sign...  so you get a choice of 3...
The food was good though-- at least I can vouch for the tortillas since that's all my mom ever brings back for me.

I was pretty anxious knowing that we were about to cross the state line into California.  However, I was a bit disappointed at our state's crummy sign...  it looked cheap and unkempt.  Kind of like the state itself.
And we almost missed the sign since it was so small.

There was some coastal fog as soon as we entered the state. 

My mom is so trigger-happy with her camera, sometimes she takes photos when she doesn't even know it...

Check this out.  We kept passing trucks full of huge trees.

We stopped for gas and there was this little house behind an ajdacent lot.  It looked like they were trying to sell something by the looks of that sign in the window.

I don't think they are gonna sell too many quilts with that piddly sign!

How is this for advertising...?  We passed this restaurant with a big dude in front of it wielding an axe.  Apparently he was trying to get seniors to come in and eat. 
I think they call this method the "fear sell."

Then, we arrived at the Kyen Recreation Area of Lake Mendocino in northern California:

The glare on my shotgun window got in the way of this photo, but the sign was a good one ...
I wasn't gonna be the first.

My dad got lucky again and found a campsite with satellite access.  It was probably the only one!  We parked and got ready for a walk down to the lake. 

I was in the water before my dad could even find a stick to throw to me!

Ha ha-- I found my own stick!

Too soon, the sun was setting and my mom said it was time for me to get out of the water. 

Reluctantly, I obeyed but before heading back to camp...
I had something I needed to doo-- I mean do
Well...  When ya gotta go, ya gotta go--

Since I was still wet, I was banned from the Supervan until I dried off.  Here is a photo of me guarding our campsite:

I haven't noticed any squirrels yet, but I see lots of lizards around this place.  Boring...

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