Tuesday, July 26, 2011

-- Unfinished Business...

My dad volunteered to take me out for my morning walk which was probably a good thing.  My mom didn't look so hot.  I think this camping thing is taking a toll on her and she just looks tired.  I think a day in the hair and nail salon when we get back home will do wonders... 

Squirrels were running rampant throughout the campsite and although I was able to take a pee, I was too distracted to take care of the rest of my business.  All I cared about was sniffing at gopher mounds and tree trunks. 

My dad told me to focus but that was easier said than done.  Frustration finally got the best of my dad and he had to call out for the heavy guns...  my mom.  She took charge and I got as far as my crouch, when a stinkin' squirrel ran right across the grass in front of me and up a tree, and I shut down the process. 

I was obsessed with that squirrel and I gave it my best shot to climb the tree after him. 

My dad started up the Supervan and it was time to get back on the road.  I would have to hold it until our next stop.  We said bubbye to the Roamer's Rest RV Park and headed west toward the 101. 

Our drive was chock full of activity.  I looked out of my window and saw a man wearing a magic turban driving an ice cream van.  He was staring at me. 
I said "hey" and he just turned away and ignored me.  I think he liked my ride better and he was jealous (although I thought the Shrek sticker on his van was pretty cool-- I'm gonna ask my dad if we can get one for the Supervan).   

A few blocks later, I saw a 747 sitting on top of a building.  You don't see that every day.

We pulled into a gas station and my mom noticed a telephone booth.  She said she hardly ever saw telephone booths around anymore because so many people have cell phones and don't use phone booths.

Apparently, no one uses this phone booth either, since the receiver was ripped completely off of it and all of the buttons were missing.

I looked across the street and started to drool.  My kind of restaurant...
The Pig 'N Pancake!

My mom and dad ate lunch at a place called "Tidal Raves."  When I heard my dad say the name, it sounded Asian to me. 

The view from the window was pretty nice.

We followed the coast down the 101--  I wished I could be running along the beach...

When we stopped at a signal in a little beach community, I looked out my window and saw a building with a strange sign.  I wondered what kind of business this was...
Hmm... and what am I being seen for?

Here are two of the many bridges we crossed today...

We pulled over at a viewpoint so my mom could go crazy taking photos. 

I pleaded with my dad to go down to the water...
Can I huh?  Can I huh?   Pleeeeease?
We walked down a path, but I wasn't allowed to go swimming today.

The trail back up to the top was covered by strange trees and plants.

One of the trees had moss all over it and I thought it looked like a camel without a hump.  Hah!

We crossed over another bridge:

Then I saw a funny house along the way:

The North Bend Bridge was the best bridge of all, but my mom got a phone call right as we were crossing it, so she couldn't take a photo when we drove across it:

The phone call my mom received was from her cousin, Bobby.  We stopped by to say hello since we were driving through his town, Coos Bay, Oregon

My mom must have hugged him al least 10 times.  Geez, Mom-- stop. 
You're embarrassing all of us.
Cousin Bob works for a paper company in Coos Bay.  He drives a big truck.  He was so cool-- I bet he would let me ride shotgun in his truck. 

We finally saw the sign for our next destination: 

The  campsites at this state park are really cool. 

All of the individual campsites have grass areas and hedges around them for privacy-- and speaking of privacy, that reminds me--
I have some unfinished business to do-- so if you will all excuse me...


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