Tuesday, July 12, 2011

-- Squirrel Heaven

After consulting the weather report, we found out rain was predicted in the late morning.  My mom had another cow about being trapped up on the mountain, blah, blah, blah, and my dad said we could go back down into town.  Not seeing any squirrels around here (not to mention I got in trouble in the stream), I had no qualms about leaving.

I didn't want to go without leaving a little souvenir behind, so I took a dump.  Unfortunately, my mom picked it up and put it in a poop bag--
so much for that idea.

It was pretty cold up on that mountain.  We must have been at about an elevation of 12,000+ feet.  My dad took a quick shower in the privy and finally convinced my mom to take one too (she was whining about being outside in the cold, blah, blah, blah).  What my mom didn't know, was that my dad noticed a hole in the ground within the privy and when my mom was taking a shower, he told her that an animal kept peeking out of the hole and looking at her.
Ha ha...  peek a boo, Mom
Needless to say, she was out of that shower quickly, and my dad got a slug in the arm.  (Well I thought it was funny...)

It was time to start our journey down the mountain.  But first, we had to get past a little hiccup in the road.


My dad aced it-- no prob.  There was a winding double-hairpin turn and my mom and I stayed behind on the road so we could get a picture of the Supervan from above.  I was getting bored waiting for my dad to drive down there, so I just ate grass while we waited.  
What?  I missed it?
The scenery along the road was pretty cool: 

Here's another photo of the ski slope.  Glad we didn't have to go through any snow!

My mom talked to my Aunt Teeta as we drove into town.  She said my cousin Ruby went camping and she got a tick!  Eew.  So my Aunt told my mom to brush me out to make sure I was okay.  
Ho hum...  I tolerated it...
 After we ate lunch in town, we drove about an hour east to a city called Leadville.  We stopped along the way and took in the view.
Yikes, those clouds look threatening...
I asked my dad if I could take a moment and do a little anti-rain dance...
Uh... me no want rain...  cha cha cha...
Soon, we arrived in Leadville at the Sugar Loafin' RV Park (ha ha).  Here's our campsite:

I know, I know.  You're probably thinking, hey, they all look alike.  I guess you're right.  Grass, picnic table, couple of trees, and of course the Supervan...

Then you will NEVER guess what happened... it rained. 

So much for my anti-rain dance.

But wait-- I couldn't believe my eyes!  I just saw something outside... 
please be a squirrel. 

YES!  It's crazy out there!
Do you see that little stinker?

I begged my dad to let me outside...
Dang... where'd he go?
I must have scared him off.  My dad took me for a walk and I was so excited, I conjured up two more dumps in the open field-- Sometimes I even amaze myself.  My dad had to come back to the Supervan just to get another poop bag since he only had one on him.  (hee hee)  He also did a nice thing for my mom.  He brought her some wild flowers from an obliging field and she was so happy. 
Boy, my mom is SO easy to please... sheesh.

So my dad picked up my other dump and then we went squirrel-huntin'-- 

I knew those critters had to be somewhere, and I had to investigate... 
There he was At my 1:00... 
I've got you in my sights varmint...


Dang.  They must have an escape route.  I scanned the vicinity and I noticed a nearby wishing well.  Those pesky squirrels could be hiding anywhere.  I had to check it out...
HELLO...  hello...  hello...
Not there.  I continued down the trail and I climed a tree...
Uh... I hope I'm not afraid of heights...
I even did another stake out at the Ladies' room-- you just never know. 
But this time, I was incognito...
Didn't recognize me, did you?
Those little critters are so elusive, they were driving me crazy!

My dad said he was getting hungry, so I reluctantly followed him back to the Supervan, even though I came up empty. 

But as they say:  "After all, tomorrow is another day..."


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