Saturday, July 23, 2011

-- The Long and Winding Road...

Another morning where all my mom cared about was sleeping in.  I stared longingly out the window at those little pesky varmints. 

I had to resort to the stare down...

Finally, my mom got the message.  After my morning business, my dad offered to take me on an extended nature walk while my mom straightened up around the Supervan. 

I smelled those dang squirrels everywhere.  I sniffed the grass, the trees, and even a hole in the ground and those elusive little devils did a good job hiding from me.
A quickie pose to appease my dad...
It was time to get back on the road.  We passed through a town named Missoula, Montana, and we ate lunch at a dece burger joint named Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  We’ve eaten at this restaurant before in Thousand Oaks, CA.  My dad likes the place because they have “real” french fries here and not the frozen crappy-tasting ones.  My dad is a french fry connoisseur by the way. 

We stopped for gas.  Haha, this is the "Town Pump." 
In addition to gas, it also serves as your "tobacco and beer outlet" connection (see sign on left).  Haha.

We entered the Lolo National Forest--

It was a very scenic drive, with lots of trees, trees, and more trees...

We passed a road where a real lumberjack lived.  How do I know that?  Because he wanted everyone to know by posting a sign:

Then we crossed the state line into Idaho:

I got to change into my Idaho bandana at a rest stop:
Ain't I something?

There's still snow in the mountains!

This sign was no joke... 

We twisted left-- right-- left-- right for hours it seemed.  I was getting hynotized.  When you're only doing 40 to 50 mph hour on those long and winding roads, it took over 2 hours of queasiness to go the 99-mile leg of this trip...  Good thing I didn't eat too much for lunch because my belly was gurgling from all the turning. 

Okay, this sign was a little strange to me.  Like seeing a truck on the road is some kind of abnormality?
OMG--     It's a...    a truck on the road!

Highway 12 ran along a creek practically the WHOLE way during our drive--  Get ready for an onslaught of my mom's creek photos...

Then I saw this sign...

Okay, so I watched for Rock. 

And then, from out of nowhere-- he appeared right in front of us-- 
hehe--  I'm just messin' with ya

At some point during the drive (I fell asleep), we must have crossed over the creek because when I looked out my window, the water was on the right side of the Supervan!

We crossed another bridge and I got confused where to look for the creek...

Ha ha...  another gas station we passed along the way:
Stinker Stores!

Then we crossed over the state line into Washington...

And over a bridge:

And then we arrived at the Granite Lake RV Resort in Clarkston, Washington--

Here are a couple of photos of our campsite--

This seems to be the best RV park we have visited so far.  We are right on the lake too.  However, no trace of squirrels yet.  My dad has promised me a 4-mile squirrel hunt in the morning along the lake if I'm a good boy... 
Do I look like a good boy to you?


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