Wednesday, July 6, 2011

-- A Whole Lotta Nothin' Going On...


No Supervan today.  I sat in our hotel room, staring at my mom as she slept on that soft-looking bed.
When she finally opened her eyes and noticed me staring at her, she realized I needed to get out of the hotel and go water a tree.  We walked to a nearby park and then took a detour to a Starbucks a couple of blocks away.  I watched through the glass door as my mom pointed to a beautiful bagel in the front of the glass display. 


The Starbucks lady plucked the beautiful bagel from the tray and put it in a brown bag with handles.  As soon as my mom came outsite to get me, I could smell that beautiful bagel as its sweet aroma escaped from the paper bag and encircled my dripping nostrils.  My mom tore off little pieces of the beautiful bagel and fed them to me as we walked back to the hotel.  Happy me, happy me!

Life is truly beautiful because of bagels, and whoever invented them, I commend you. 

We got back up to our hotel room and my mom pulled a blueberry muffin out of the paper bag for my dad.  Then my dad was happy too.

Later on, my dad went down to the hotel gym while my mom studied online for her real estate license renewal.  She only has to do this every four years so she says it's not that bad.  I was bored to tears as she studied.  I slept at her feet.

Then, my dad got back from the gym and it was already time for lunch I tried to flag down a taxi but my dad said we should just walk.
Ha ha.  Just kiddin'--
We went to a nearby Mexican restaurant and my dad let me browse the menu with him.  Everything said "tortilla" to me, since there were no pictures on the menu.  I just let him do the ordering.  I'm not very picky.

I find it amazing when I lie on the ground during meals, because food seems to magically fall from the sky.  A tortilla chip fell under the table and I decided to stay there for the duration of the meal, since more food magically followed that first chip. 
By the way, tortillas are high on my favorite food list.
The rest of my afternoon was spent snoozing.  I do this quite well. 

When I woke up, it was time for dinner, and they had the audacity to ditch me again.  They made it up to me by bringing me some rice from Benihana (yum) and then taking me on a twilight walk around town. 

Here is a photo of the Salt Lake LDS (Mormon) Temple:

My mom wanted to take a photo of me in front of the temple, so I posed for her.  Unfortunately, she used the flash and I look evil...
ooh!  Ain't I creepy?
Other than eating and sleeping all day, there was a whole lotta nothin' going on here in this hotel.  Hopefully, the Supervan will be ready tomorrow morning.  This is getting ridiculous-- I've got work to do. 


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