Sunday, November 30, 2014

-- Master of the Keys (Day 20)

Rob left for the airport at 5:30am.  I wanted to see him off, but I was too dog-tired to get up that early.  hah.  Happy travels, bro. 

We said a fond adieu to the Fontainebleau.  Haha, I made a rhyme We're headed for the Florida Keys. 

We drove through Key Largo, but didn't know where to go for lunch.
So we asked a couple of locals from the area:

"Lunch in Key Largo?  I say Hobo's Café."

So Hobo's Cafe, it was:

After lunch, we continued south over the causeways toward Key West.

Oh baby, what a view

We stayed at Boyd's Campground for the night:

Our campsite is right on the water. 
Hope I don't get drunk and take a wrong turn...
On our walk, we saw this RV -- total overkill on the Xmas deco, dude

Dad, don't be that guy...
Mom and Dad had a hankering for pizza for dinner They walked up the street to a restaurant called Roustica. Yum!
"Leftovers" is one of my favorite words in the world.

Rich and Tristin just called me from the Empire State Building.  So jealous!  I wanna go there. 

Hi Tank -- We're thinkin' 'bout you at the Empire State Building!

"There they are, there they are, there they are..."

Hey Dad, I have an idea...  Can we go to New York next


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