Thursday, November 27, 2014

-- Happy Turkey Day (Day 17)

My people

Happy Thanksgiving, and what a glorious morning it is in Miami.  Check out the view from my balcony.  Epic.  


Today is all about giving thanks, watching football, and practicing gluttonous eating habits. Football comes later. First off, it was time to eat. 
Mom took me down to the hotel coffee shop for a muffin bonanza.  I wasnt allowed in, but I kept a watchful eye on the pastries while she stood in line.

Without all the crazy night clubbers crowding up the lobby, I scoped out the area. I must say, this is a pretty nice joint.

My bro, Rob, musta been way tired after his flight here last night because we couldnt get him to wake up to eat breakfast. I offered to eat his muffin for him, but Mom wouldn't let me -- I suppose theres plenty more food to come. And for that, Im thankful.
Dad and Rob went down to the gym -- no doubt to relieve a smidgen of guilt for the impending feast tonight. But before we can enjoy that gluttonous Thanksgiving dinner, we need to prepare by stretching:

No, no, no -- not that kind of stretching. 
We need to prepare by stretching our stomachs -- and that means eating a big lunch.  haha
Hey -- a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do...
Lunch was at a place called "Five Napkins."  Hah.  That says something about the messy burgers, but they were dang good!
We walked around the mall -- seemed like all the retail stores were open, even though it was a holiday. I guess Thursday is the new Black Friday.
For dinner, we ate at a restaurant in the hotel -- actually, Mom, Dad, and Rob ate in the restaurant. 
I was forced to wait in our room, but Mom didn't fail to bring me spoils from the Thanksgiving feast.  Score!  I had turkey, stuffing, and a big fat roll (I'm not talking about my big fat belly-roll, I mean she brought me a piece of bread).
After I chowed down, it was time to settle in and watch some football.  We all got sleepy pretty fast -- as is expected after a huge Thanksgiving meal. Ordinarily, I would dream about chasing squirrels, but tonight's gonna be special.
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about


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