Saturday, November 15, 2014

-- The Thing (Day 5)

It started out as a beautiful day in Tucson...

I overheard Mom Dad talking about a full-on breakfast at the restaurant.
Of course, they left without me I put on my best "pathetic look" when they walked away, even conjured up some tears... 

sniff sniff  -- Why you no take me whitchu, Mama

Hee hee.  My ploy worked. I scored when they came back:  
One piece of wheat toast and a fluffy pancake. YES.

With a full belly, I lay on my private lawn, basking in the warmth of the morning sun, looking up at the plump grapefruits suspended above me, dreaming of squirrels...

And then the frickin' sprinklers came on Sheesh. 

Note to Mr. Maintenance Man:  run the sprinklers during the night, dude.

Today, we are headed for New Mexico. The drive so far was pleasant enough. I had my chin resting on the arm rest, sun on my head, and the A/C vent pointed up my nose. I love ridin' shotgun.

In between naps, I open my eyes and check out the view:

I noticed this weird sign along the way -- something about "The Thing."  Hmm,
what the heck is that about? 

Then I see another sign Ma, get the camera!

And yet another sign. Okay, you have my attention. What the heck is
"The Thing?"

Aha!  This sign says "Exit now," so now we'll finally solve the mystery.

Hey Dad, slow down so Mom and I can see The Thing. 


HEY DAD, are you listening? Here it comes!

And just as we're about to see what it is --

A frickin' school bus blocks our view as we pass.

Dang!  What the heck is The Thing

Rickem rackem!  Mom and I were both ticked off that we couldn't see it.  And then I look over at my dad... and he's laughing.

Yeah, real funny, Dad The Thing is gonna haunt me in my dreams tonight. 

A few minutes later, we crossed into New Mexico.

We stopped in a city called Las Cruces for lunch.  Dad looked on Yelp and found a pizza joint with four and a half stars (I'll be the judge of that !).

Zeffiro Pizzeria Napoletana, Las Cruces, NM -- Molto bene!

Hot dang, Mom saved me some crust and it was yummilicious! 
I gave it 5 stars!

Tonight, we're gonna camp at the Aguirre Spring Campgrounds.

On the way up the mountain, there were these rocks that looked like giant rabbit ears.

Um, guess what the mountain ridge is called.  You guessed it... Rabbit Ears.  Hahaha.

Here's the view from our campsite:

It's pretty windy up here.  All is quiet and then, whoosh, a big gust of wind rocks the Supervan. 

Maybe it's not the wind after all ...  maybe it's The Thing. 

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