Friday, November 21, 2014

-- Squirrel-Fest (Day 11)

Hooray!!!  Mom got out of bed and took me on a morning walk!

We crossed over River Walk...

... and found a park a few blocks away.

 and then...

I... saw...


They were everywhere.    Must. Get. Squirrels.

It was a frickin' squirrel-fest.  One guy was having a spa treatment:

Do you mind  I'm tryin' to relax, buddy ...

I think I must've ticked him off or something.  The little stinker taunted me from a tree

Woof you ...   Woof you  ...  Woof you  ...  Woof you ...

Then he made an inappropriate gesture.  Disgusting.

Let's Git it ON, Doggy

That dude was cray-cray. He jumped from the tree limb.

I took cover -- he barely missed me.  Whew. 

Then he came at me with everything he had.  I channeled my inner Bruce Lee and kicked the crap out of him:

Hai - ya!

Then he ran like away like a coward. 

So I chased him down, then round and round:

I guess I made him dizzy He changed tactics and actually tried to romance me:  
I ain't no dummy...  I'm gonna git you, you varmint!

Then he scurried back up the tree.  Dang.  If only I could climb... 

Right when I had him just where I wanted him, Mom said we had to go back to the hotel.


 I was pooped by the time we got back to our room. 

Mom and Dad ditched me when they went lunch at Cantina Rio on River Walk, so I took a much-needed nap. 


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