Sunday, November 23, 2014

-- Louisiana Laundry Day (Day 13)

We said a fond farewell to the Mokara Hotel on the San Antonio River Walk.

Mom's recuperation time in a hotel room set us back 4 days and 2Gs. Merry Christmas, Mom. (...and she's still sick btw -- hah).

Our travels take us east, destination: Lafayette, Louisiana.

Mom sat in the back of the Supervan for the entire ride, *cough-cough-cough*.

Dad bought some cough syrup from the store and Mom took a swig.

She said it tasted like transmission fluid. It made her feel worse than before she took it.

Downtown Houston:

As we drove along I-10, I kept asking myself the same question... why?
"Y"  --  haha, I made a funny

We crossed over the Louisiana State line:

Then we stopped for lunch at a burger joint called, "Whataburger." 

Mom called it, "Whatsthebigdeal" but Dad and I liked it.

Here's their stock photo of their burger:

Here's the actual "real life" photo:
Looks somewhat different, wouldn't you agree?

But that's okay, cuz Mom gave half to me.  hahaha.

After lunch, I think Mom slept more than I did during this leg of the trip. We arrived at our campground in Lafayette, Frog City RV Park

Dad's job was finished for the day (driving), but Mom's work had just begun:

Twelve days of dirty laundry

Mom got all the loads started (I supervised) and then we went on a walk.  The grass fields here were mushy and Mom got all grossed out (she was wearing her flip flops again).

I looked up a tree for squirrels and kept sinking into the mush:

Suffice it to say, my frolic time didn't last long.  I'm already missing that squirrel park in San Antonio.

We headed back to the laundry room to put the clothes in the dryer. 
I saw this sign on the wall:

And no, my mom was not the one to write on this sign.  If she had, she would've also added an apostrophe to the word "parks" and a comma after "this" --  hahaha 

The clothes took forever to dry and Mom's enthusiasm was fading fast.  (It certainly is a good thing they had clothes dryers here, or our laundry would've looked like this.)


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