Thursday, November 13, 2014

-- Hee Haw (Day 3)

My day started early when I heard something creeping outside in the dark.
I sounded a low warning growl, but my mom shushed me.

So I growled again.

My mom told my dad I musta been having a puppy dream but I persisted.
I had to bring out the heavy artillery—I actually barked.

Alert! Alert!  An intruder!  WOOF!

That got my dad’s attention.  He looked out the window and saw a black abyss.  But then he heard it.  That creepy sound... Hee haw.
What the heck?
My dad turned on the porch light and looked out the window.  He said it was something called a burro.

The burro sniffed around our camp for awhile and then I lost interest.
I'm holdin' out for a squirrel.  So I went back to sleep.  

Not a lot on the agenda today. Just chillin’ by da lake. My mom hunkered down in the Supervan so she could work on some editing (boring!) but my dad stepped up to the plate and offered to take me on a hike (thank you, Dad).

We headed out on a trail toward the marina. It took us a while, but it was worth the walk. The water level was so low at the lake that we had to take this funky-looking contraption called a funicular. 

Get ready for some real exciting action here, yeah... 

When we got to the bottom, I poured on the charm and a nice lady at the store gave me a big bowl of water. Actually, I think I was slobbering profusely and she felt sorry for me... but I digress.  

On our walk back to camp, we crossed a burro trail: 

I gotta tell ya, I was dog-tired. Dad said we walked six miles. I was limping around camp and Mom just thought I was pooped. But then she looked in my paw...  YIKES!  Stickers!
Heres a closer look at one of those nasty things. Looks like a bed of nails!

After my mom removed all the stickers, a long nap was in my immediate future... Although I think I woke up long enough to inhale my dinner.




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  1. Hi Tank looks like your having a good time with your mom and dad. Please take care of two very special people.