Wednesday, November 19, 2014

-- Invasion of the Giant Snot-Ball (Day 9)

Mom's in bad shape today, folks.  A giant snot-ball invaded her head during the night and has taken up residency there.  Mom was sniffing and coughing all night long.

We needed to get on the road to find Mom some meds.  Dad to the rescue:

What a guy, huh?

Dad likes driving in Texas... who wouldn't?

Yippee calle  (that's pronounced "kai - yay" for you gringos)

We had a long drive ahead of us.  We're fixin' to git to San Antonio by 3pm so we can find a place to park the Supervan.

Lunch was in Sonora, Texas.  We had a choice of two neighboring Mexican restaurants. We chose the one with all the trucks in front of it. Safety in numbers and all that crap, y'know?

Finally, we arrived in San Antonio.  Our hotel is epic!  I have my own balcony overlooking River Walk. 

I'm so happy, I just don't know what to do with myself

River Walk, below our room:

Mom had her own agenda. This was first on her list:

Here's a pic of our nice, clean room. 
Just wait till I'm done with it -- I'm already rollin' all over the carpet.  Gettin' Dad's money's worth. Hah.

Mom's already parked her butt on the king-sized bedA couple of NyQuils and she'll be out like a light. 


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