Tuesday, November 18, 2014

-- A Purdy Nice Ride (Day 8)

Today were fixin to head through Texas, yall.  Mom was being all lazy this morning and Dad let her sleep in. (Its exhausting riding across the U.S. in the Supervan while my dad does all the driving, ya know?)

We crossed into the central time zone, and you know what that means... we get to eat sooner.
Our lunch stop today was in a town called Pecos.”  Dad found another BBQ place online and it had good reviews. Yessirree, Podys BBQ. Hot dang.

I couldnt go in, but I got to breathe in the sweet fumes while I waited in the Supervan. Mom said they were surrounded by good ol boys as they ate their lunch. Mom was the only female in the place, besides the ladies behind the counter serving up the grub. And every dude in there was wearing a cap. Except my dad. 

Two dudes walked in and looked around the joint, then walked up to Dad. That yer van out thar? Purdy nice ride. (Another case of What was your first cluebased on the fact that Mom and Dad just don’t blend in with the masses for some reason. At least Mom wasnt wearing shorts and flip flops this time.)
After a yummy pulled pork sandwich (Mom saved some for me), we got back on the road Mom started complaining about a "frickin' headache." Geez, Mom, take an Advil and get over it. Im trying to sleep...

It wasn't long before we arrived at our destination: Balmorhea State Park.

Here's where we are on the map:

Lots of grass here... And bunnies!  Whoo hoo!
Be vehwy vehwy quiet... Im on the prowl.

Doh. He got away.

Dad wanted all 3 of us to go for a walk, but when Mom saw this sign, she did a 180.  
A deal-breaker

So we went without her (which was fine with me cuz she still kept griping about that headache).

There was a huge freshwater pool built around the springs. No surprise, I wasnt allowed near it, but Dad took pics for me.


When we got back to the Supervan after our walk, Mom was looking pretty crappy. 
Okay Mom.  I believe you about the headache.
Then she said her throat hurt. Uh-oh. 

We felt sorry for Mom, so Dad and I decided to surprise her. When we get to San Antonio tomorrow, we're checking into a hotel. 
All in all, it was a 'meh' kind of a day. Mom turned in early and Dad and I watched the Lakers.


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