Monday, November 24, 2014

-- Keeping Our Distance (Day 14)

Our new alarm clock woke us up at about 6am (aka Mom’s coughing fit).  Mom says she hasnt had a bad cold like this since my brothers were in grade school. I guess they brought home a lot of germs back then.

Mom, coughing up a lung
Today was another travel day.  We continued east on I-10.  Sure are lots of swamps around here. 
Henderson Swamp
The interstate was like one looooong mega-bridge.

We crossed over the Mississippi River -- even though we were still in Louisiana -- geez, I'm so confused...
cue theme song from Taxi
We stopped for lunch at a place called Zea Rotisserie & Grill.  It was dee-lish! 
Wish they had these restaurants in So Cal
Then we crossed into Mississippi:

What has four I's but can't see?   hahaha

Another one of Mom's photographic failures:
Nice try, Mom

All of a sudden, we were in Alabama!

Inside the George C. Wallace Tunnel in Mobile, Alabama:
Hold your breath -- We're underneath the Mobile River!

All the excitement of the drive made me sleepy.  I stuck my nose in the vent and took a snooze.

When I woke up, it was just in time to cross the state border into Florida:

Tonight, we're camping at the Blackwater River State Park.
Dad took me for a sunset walk:

We walked to the Blackwater River and saw this sign:

Looks like I won't be squirrel-hunting in this area...
C'mon in, Tank.  The water's fine...
Egads.  I want my mommy.

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