Tuesday, November 25, 2014

-- Rainy Days and Tuesdays... (Day 15)

Dads bicycle ride was quashed when it started raining at 8am. So much for that. With nothing else to do at Blackwater, we packed up the Supervan and got on the road.
Okay, just kiddin'  --  it wasn't that bad!
But it was pouring.


I know you guys must be tired of hearing about Moms cold (it's been 
over a week now), and trust me, I'm tired of blogging about it. But she
continues to sneeze, sniff, and cough. She's as much of a nuisance to other
campers as a barking dog or crying baby.
Here's some advice, Mom:
What people are thinking: 
What people are really thinking:  

Our journey today takes us through Floridas panhandle (we are currently at the little blue dot on the map).  Destination: Ocala, FL (just north of Orlando).

Although Mom feels like crap, she has a constant smile on her face because my bro, Rob, has decided to meet us in Miami for Thanksgiving. I gotta tell ya, Im pretty stoked about it myself. Robs my wingman.

Yo Rob, let's go score some chicks


The weather was crapola.  Cold and pouring rain: 


We stopped for lunch in Tallahassee and Mom and Dad ate at BJs (a known quantity). Bring on the pasta bread!
Where's the blue sky?  There ain't none -- them's clouds!
Mom took the wheel for awhile cuz Dad's been doing all the driving
Which means she couldn't take photos.  haha Mom.
There was mega traffic as we turned south. By the time we got to the RV Park, it was dark (7:15pm) and STILL raining. 
Tonight, we are camping at the Silver River State Park:
It's pitch black and wet outside!  Oh, geez... I hate peein' in the dark! 


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