Saturday, November 29, 2014

-- A Day by the Pool (Day 19)

Today is our last day at the Fontainebleau Hotel, and more importantly, our last day to spend with Rob.  Staying in sunny Miami Beach seems like a waste if you dont bask by the pool.  So that was our plan for the day.


Mom squeezed into her suit and Dad did his best to fasten his board shorts.  After a holiday weekend gorging on anything and everything, it’s a good thing theres an adjustable Velcro strip on Dads shorts instead of a zipper.


We enjoyed a nice (but expensive) poolside lunch. Then Mom and I made a quick dash to the room.  We looked over the balcony and saw Dad and Rob by the pool. 
Dad and Rob are at top right
I couldnt wait to get back down there and hang with the boys.

I noticed a sign next to the jacuzzi.  I couldnt make any sense of it:


Say what?
Basking in the sun sure was exhausting.  Dad shared his water with me:

The sun dipped below the trees and my mom got cold. Lucky for me, I have a fur coat, but our day at the pool was about finished.  So we headed back inside the hotel.
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the focus is now on Christmas.  A huge tree was assembled in the lobby while we were out at the pool I did my best to strike a pose for Americas Next Top Model, Cycle D (for doggy).  
I'm so little next to that tree,  I look like the tree stand.  haha
Okay, I'm ready for my close up:


Much better!
Yo Tyra, Im all that, Boo.

After dinner, Mom, Dad, and Rob went to see a movie, "Dumb and Dumber To."

Although it didn't get good reviews, Mom said it was good, silly fun. 


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