Friday, November 14, 2014

-- Buzzin' Outta Here (Day 4)

Rise and shine.  I woke up to the smell of burnt toast.  Nice going, Mom. Youve been cooking for how many years and you cant even master a toaster?  
Prolly cuz she was at it again with her laptop --  she’s just not paying attention. 
That’s one less piece of sourdough bread on this trip, and ya wont be able to bake more until we get home.
Haha, just kiddin'

Guess I'll have to take one for the team and eat it...
Hey!   What the-- My dad ate it.  
whatchu talkin' bout Willis?
My mom's friend, Sue, made us the yummiest stuff called "pumpkin bread." My mom and dad have been picking at it for the last three days and wouldn't share any of it with me.  It smelled pretty darned good, but finally, Dad shared a piece with me (cuz it had a walnut on it, and he don't do walnuts). 

Okay, I am officially obsessed with Sue's pumpkin bread. 

This morning, my mom cut a sliver and left it on the counterThen I heard this buzzing sound.  Hmm... what the heck.  It was a pesky ol' bee.  My dad shooed it away, and my mom said the bee was gonna get his friends.

Haha, Mom.  Joke's on you.  Sure enough, six bees came buzzing inside the Supervan. 

"There it is fellas -- on the counter"

Dad hovered over the pumpkin bread while mom screamed.  I just watched.  Dad wrapped up the precious booty and stuck it in the fridge. 

Finally, the bees buzzed off.  (Hah, I made a funny.)
Today were headed south to Tucson. Before we got on the road, Mom came at me, armed with a pair of tweezers and a brush.  Yay for the brush -- why the tweezers?  Oh yeah, sticker-check. After my beauty treatment, I said a fond adieu to Lake Pleasant (and my personal cactus) and we were off.

Here's a special message to my peeps:


We stopped for lunch in Tucson. Dece Mex... Although I could only smell it -- yeah, you guessed it -- they ditched me.
And all I got was a couple of lousy chips...


Our stop for the night was at the Tucson LazyDays KOA. Nice spot! 

I get  my own grassy yard with an epic grapefruit tree above my head...
Pick me...

And a big ol' bear...


Ha ha,-- la la la...  I sure do love my dad.



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