Sunday, November 16, 2014

-- What Was Your First Clue? (Day 6)

Last night was ridiculous. The crazy wind kept waking us up. I was in a rotten mood when I picked my sorry butt up off the floor (but then my mom fed me and everything was peachy).
Dad and I had planned to go on a hike, but we decided to leave the Aguirre Campgrounds at sunrise in search of a decent place to hang out for the day without being blown across the campgrounds like a tumbleweed. 


As we headed back toward the town of Las Cruces, we stopped for pancakes (again? two mornings in a row???).
Mom said the waitress kept looking at her with a funny expression.  The convo went something like this:
Waitress:  "Morning folks."
Mom: "G'morning."
Waitress: "How y'all doin'?"
Mom/Dad: "Fine. Just fine."
Waitress: "Nice rig ya got there." [points to Supervan].
Dad: "Thanks."
Waitress: "Where're y'all comin' from?"
Dad: "We just spent the night at the Aguirre"
[he pronounced it: "ah-GWAI-er"]
Waitress: "The what?"
Dad: "The Aguirre Campgrounds."
Waitress: "Oh, you mean the Aguirre" [she pronounced it: "ah-Gwee-rray"] 
I figured you guys weren't from around here...
Now you might wonder how the waitress seemed to know that Mom and Dad weren't from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Forget about my dad's gringo pronunciation of Aguirre --
Let's take a further, in-depth look:
1. Mom's hair looked like a medusa with a scrunchee around [most] of it;
2. My dad's black beanie sat so high, he looked like a conehead;
3. Mom's UCLA sweatshirt;
4. It was in the high 40s at 7am and Mom had on shorts and flipflops;
5. All of the above.
If you chose number 5, you're a winner.  Either that or the waitress musta had ESP. Nah.
Mom let me out of the Supervan to stretch my legs after breakfast. That's when I saw a miracle. The worlds biggest chili! It was so big, they had to build a wall around it just to keep it from rolling away.

Dad found a KOA in town, and we picked out a space for the Supervan.
It was still windy, but nothing like the wind on that mountain.

We have our own gazebo. Mom won’t let me pee on it though. 
This campground didnt have a private lawn for me, so we went in search of some grass.
What the--?

We found another grassed area and I made a bee-line for it.   Whoo hoo!
Huh? Are you kiddin me? 

Since it was still early, Dad suggested going to an outdoor flea market in town. My mom did a happy dance.  Doesn’t take much to make her happy.

The flea market was about 10 miles up the road. Just as we pulled into the parking lot, it started pouring down rain. All the flea market vendors were rushing back and forth, trying to pack up their goods.  Dad parked in the muddy lot and Mom started whining.Noooo, don’t pack up yet! We just got here!”
Wah wah wahhhhh
So much for that idea. Dad broke out his trust iPhone and searched for an alternative. He found a nearby indoor mall. I decided to take a nap while they window shopped.
Seemed like they were gone an awfully long time. When they came back to the van, they had french fries on their breath! Then I saw the to-go box... What? Buffalo Wild Wings!  
Hope the leftovers are boneless...

It continued to rain, and with nothing better to do, Mom and Dad saw a movie at the local theatre 

I just took another long nap in the Supervan.
Not gonna be much squirrel-hunting today, but tonight is NFL football (go-Pack-go!), re-heated pizza, and buffalo wings. Hot dang.

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