Wednesday, December 3, 2014

-- Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah... (Day 23)

Today, I'm in charge of guarding the Supervan while my mom and dad check out the Magic Kingdom.  Dad mentioned something about a doggy kennel here at Disney World, but just the sound of it made me shake in my boots. 

Ya see, I'm not very enthusiastic when it comes to social events.  Like the time my mom took me to a doggy day camp and I crapped on the lobby floor while she signed me in. Okay, too much information. 

But I digress...

Our campsite is private, with mega-shade, and I can watch out the window for the enemy (squirrels) -- so I'm good with it.

And off they went.

They walked to the end of the campgrounds to catch a boat.

Just as they reached the dock, the boat-dude unhooked the rope from post. 

"Wait!" my Mom yelled out as she ran toward the boat.  The boat-dude totally ignored her and coiled up the rope... 

...and the boat pulled away from the dock. 

And as if leaving us stranded on the dock weren't bad enough, he didn't even bother to wish us a magical day.

Mom and Dad waited (im)patiently for the next boat: 30 minutes... 

...but when they finally arrived at the Magic Kingdom, all was forgiven.
Q.  What is the definition of "over-crowded"? 
A.  Anything Disney  

Purdy, ain't it?

Main Street in Orlando, FL looked just like Main Street in Anaheim, CA

Their first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean.  Mom said the ride seemed much shorter than the Disneyland version.

Don't do it, pal--  see that rope?   This one's gonna end badly...
Then they went on a ride called Splash Mountain.  Mom was more interested in taking an action video rather than posing for the photo op:
What's with that dude's face in front?
Now it's no surprise that people expect to get wet on this ride, but Mom certainly didn't expect her tan-colored shorts to get this wet:

Looks like you forgot to wear your Depends, Mom.

My mom wanted to go on something called the People-Mover.  She told my dad that she hoped it would bring back memories of when they went to Disneyland as teenagers. 

So my dad, comedian that he is, wanted Mom to get her wish.  He waited until they went into a dark tunnel, and then he grabbed my mom's boob.  How's that for nostalgia, huh Mom?  hahaha. 
It wasn't long before Mom and Dad came back to camp to check on me.  I got to go on a squirrel hunt. 
Mom and Dad ate dinner at a restaurant called Coral Reef Café.  It had a huge aquarium in it!
Sting rays, piranhas, and sharks... oh my!

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