Sunday, December 7, 2014

-- Border Line (Day 27)

That greasy chicken last night really kicked my mom's butt. 

Take this grease and shove it!!

After a night of TUMS-popping, Mom was anxious to get on the road home. 

She had a change of heart when she looked outside and saw our campsite --  Navarre Beach Campground was pretty epic in the light of day.

Dad suggested staying at Navarre another day, but when the Internet WiFi sucked big time, it was no dice.  We checked out without even going on a nature walk.

When Dad offered to take Mom out to breakfast, her mood picked up.  She packed up the Supervan in record time.

We went to the Waffle House:

Today was all about driving.  Dad says we are traveling through 4 states today (Florida to Louisiana).

We crossed the border into Alabama:

Then we crossed the border into Mississippi:

We stopped for gas at "Dandy Dan's" Texaco.  haha.  Lots of grass to roll around in, but alas, no squirrels.
We had lunch at Fernando's Mexican Grill. 
(Seriously...  MORE beans for Dad)
Mom got behind the wheel and we crossed over a cool bridge, next to a cool bridge:

And then we crossed another border into Louisiana:

We finally arrived in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Nice sunset, huh?

Tonight, we're staying at Tall Pines RV Park.  Since it was dark when we got here, we'll have to wait to see what our campsite looks like in the morning!


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