Thursday, December 4, 2014

-- Zip-A-Dee Ay (Day 24)

Mom and Dad went to Epcot today.  That's the place with the epically-humongous ball in front.

Hey, wait a second.  Zoom in on that:

Who is that standing at the top?
No, no, no...  That's not right!
It's Mickey Mouse!
How the heck am I gonna get down from the top of this epically-humongous ball???
According to my dad, the best ride so far has been Test Track at Epcot.  Mom liked it too.  Check out my dad's windblown hair from the speed of the ride.  hahaha

Mom and Dad are wearing these cool electronic bracelets. 


Mom says they don't have to use cash or credit cards to buy stuff.  They just charge everything to the bracelet.  Cool!  
the bracelet-reader thingy

I just need to stay clear of Dad when he gets the bill at the end of this trip...  yikes!

We spent how much?

Dad told me they walked to Mexico and ate authentic Mexican food (uh-oh -- that means my dad ate BEANS... could be dangerous):

Then they walked to China,

Then they walked to Germany,

Wait a second...

Is that even possible???

Maybe they teleported or something Geez, why do I question such things?  I'm just a frickin' dog.

But on with our story.  When Mom and Dad walked to Italy, they sat down on a bench in the square. 


For some strange reason, people kept sitting right next to Mom on the edge of the bench.

Dad finally got up and took a picture:

Finally, it started to get late (and cloudy), so Mom and Dad decided walked to France for dinner.  They ate at a restaurant called Les Chefs de France:


And as they bid adieu to Epcot, Mom took one last picture of the Epcot ball as they exited the park:

Have a epically-humongous magical night everyone!


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