Tuesday, December 9, 2014

-- Mom's Lost That Loving Feeling (Day 29)

Today is my Aunt Teetas birthday, so a big woof ! goes out to her. 
-- "Hey birthday girl, what would you like for Christmas?"            
             -- "Hmm... I'd like for you to brush your teeth and lay off the booze."

Mom kept tossin and turnin last night.  Seems like its getting harder for her to sleep on that Supervan mattress. (Hey Mom, put things in perspective -- I sleep on the frickin' floor).  
I remember when we first headed out on this roadtrip, some 29 days ago.  Mom was all "woot-woot!", excited to embark on our Supervan adventure. 
About a week into the trip, she stopped woot-woot-ing and came down with that nasty cold. 
Now, it seems like she's spent too much time on the road: 

1.  Mom's butt hurts from sitting so long as we drive;

2.  Mom's back hurts from lying on an uncomfortable mattress;

3.  Mom's nostrils are toast from the air pollution (aka Dads bean-eating obsession). 

You know, Mom used to love the Supervan.  Now, Im not so sure anymore. 

Sometimes, she gets this evil grin on her face.  I wonder what she's thinking...
haha, Mom...   yer just kiddin' -- right?

Before we could get back out on the road, it was time to fill up the Supervan with more gas.  The local gas station was named Loves -- awww, aint that sweet?
Fill 'er up -- with LOVE...


There was an old school bus in the parking lot -- a custom conversion of sorts: 
As we continued on I-40, we drove alongside the historic Route 66: 
Crappy photo, huh?  
What do you expect from an action shot?
Here's the route from Chicago to Los Angeles:
Okay, kids -- that's your history lesson for the day.
We crossed the state line into New Mexico:

Then we stopped for lunch in Albuquerque. 
Whaddya think I just said,  ya dope We did take that turn!

It was Mom's turn to drive so Dad could take a nap.  Mom had a Kona Bay Board meeting scheduled for today, so she listened in on a conference call while she drove. 

Of course, that's not my mom on the phone.

I just thought that gif was pretty cool with the creepy dude in the back seat.  hah.  (did you see him?)   

Mom's meeting lasted 2 whole hours, so I just hunkered down in my seat while she yakety-yak'dIt's tough being ignored, you know 

We crossed the state line into Arizona, and Dad took the wheel:

We finally arrived in Williams, Arizona (about 30 miles west of Flagstaff). 


So here's something cool -- there's a scene in my Mom's book that takes place in Williams, Arizona.  She'd never even been there before and just picked it at random location from Google Maps Who knew we would be camping there?

Looks like now she can do some "reverse book-research."  Hah.  

Mom and dad ate dinner at a Thai restaurant:

Looks like I'm having rice for dinner!


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