Monday, December 8, 2014

-- Oasis, My A$$ (Day 28)

Dad says we're gonna see armadillos today.

Huh Oh, sorry-- scratch that.  We're going to Amarillo, Texas.

Gawrsh...  I musta goofed.

We woke up early to check out our campsite at Tall Pines RV Park in the light of day. 
Hmmm... not so much. Especially after leaving Navarre Beach. 

However, Dad said there'a swimming pool here.  I dont see a sign anywhere that says I'm not allowed, so let's go take a dip.
What the...?

Swimming anyone?

No way am I going in there!!!

Were gettin the heck outta here. 
As we drove out of the camp, we saw this sign:
Hardy har har -- that is SO not funny


It wasnt long before we crossed into Texas.


Not much of a scenic drive on Highway 114. Of course, the crappy weather didnt help matters.

Move along...  Nothing to see here.

We had lunch in a town called Wichita Falls. 

Mom wouldn't stop singing... I am a lineman for the County... And I drive the main road...”  Uh, Mom -- dont quit your day job.

Show her how its done, Glen.

When we parked at the restaurant, Mom almost took a detour when she saw her favorite store, TJMaxx  (or as my Dad calls it, TJCrapp):

C'mon, Mom.  Resist temptation...

After a quick meal, we got back on the road.

Mom!  Stop singing that song, would ya?
More open space along our drive through Amarillo, but at least the sky was blue.

It was sunset when we reached our destination campsite, "Oasis RV Resort:"

Looks more like a mission than an RV park office...
Someone had a hard time parking their RV. 
See Mom You're not that bad. 
"Honey-- How do you put this thing in reverse?"
Here's an overhead look at the campground.  The way they pack RVs in here, Mom said it looked like a drive-in without the big screen.
When we got to our "resort" campsite, it was nothing more than a gravel parking space with a concrete pad.  Oh, and a tumbleweed here and there for decoration, I guess.   

My Dad had that 'wtf' kinda look on his face when he got out of the Supervan... But it had nothing to do with the sea of gravel or the tumbleweeds -- it was the STENCH. 

Holy guacamole it stinks here, and whatever it is doesn't smell human
My dad's dirty socks smell like roses compared to this place. 

Turns out, we were downwind of a neighboring cattle farmAnd they call this an Oasis Resort? 

Holy COW. 

That's the biggest load of bullcrap I've ever heard -- or in this case, smelled.  (haha I made a funny).

What that putrid smell 
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...


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