Saturday, December 6, 2014

-- Go West, Young Man (Day 26)

Most of our day was spent driving (aka, sleeping for me).  Destination: Pensacola, FL.

We stopped for lunch in a town called Live Oak, Florida.  Dad looked on Yelp and found a 4-star Mexican restaurant named Pepes. Yeah, tell me about it -- Dad and his beans.  
Viva Pepe's!
Mom saw a couple of soldiers inside the restaurant and she bought their lunch.  (My mom doesn't do this to make herself happy -- she does it cuz it makes the soldiers happy!).

Have you thanked your service person today?

Did I ever show you the photo of me with my bro when he came back from Iraq?  Well, so what if I did.  Im gonna show ya again...

My bro's welcome home... I almost peed myself.  
I'm the handsome one in front, btw.


So... back to our story.   Lunch at Pepe's was muy delicioso, mis amigos (and so was that tortilla my mom saved for me -- hah). 
Na  na  na-na  na  --  I got a tortilla

We got back on the road with my mom behind the wheel.  This gave Dad a much-deserved break from driving (which he does most of) and a little cat-nap after a big fat meal. 
Looks like more rain in our future. 
Mom drove for 2 whole hours (quite a feat for someone who hates to drive) and then we pulled off the highway at a rest stop.
I really had to go potty.  And wouldn't you know it, just as I hit mid-stream, my pee was interrupted by -- you guessed it:  
ha ha, Tank -- I saw your pee-pee!
You what?  
How embarrassing!
We finally arrived in Pensacola.  Dad had a great suggestion for dinner.  Mom hesitated, but then she gave in cuz she didn't want to cook anything this late at night. 

We stopped at KFC for a bucket o' chicken. 
KFC -- Oh yeah!
It always smells so good, but after only a couple of piecesMom and Dad always get overwhelmingly grossed out from all the grease!   
I have a bad feeling they're gonna be sorry... 
Better break out that bottle of TUMS.


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