Wednesday, December 10, 2014

-- The Home Stretch (Day 30)

Today is our last travel day.  Woo hoo.  We’re all anxious to get home. 

Dad took me for an early morning walk before we got on the road. I gotta tell ya, it was frickin cold outside.  My fur coat helped immensely, but my nose was froze (haha, I made a rhyme). 

Our campsite at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park wasnt that bad Well, if you dont mind being right next to the railroad tracks.  Frickin freight trains woke me up twice.  

My dad's a frost artist.

Dad went to the campground to check us out, while Mom and I shivered inside the Supervan. Turn up the heat, Mom, wouldya?

Remember I told you yesterday that Williams, Arizona is a location my mom used in her book?  Well, Dad said, “Lets go check out that truck stop café on Route 66 and you can take pictures of the location.”  (That’s just how cool my dad is.)
Mom was kinda excited:
Here is the random Google Earth location she picked -- a truck stop café next to a gas station:
And here's my mom's actual photo of the site:
And here's the parking lot where the "bad man" is waiting (haha)... 

Of course, this little detour scored big points for dad -- it actually made my mom's day.  After she walked the lot and took her photoswe got back on I-40:  Destination, Westlake Village, California.

We enjoyed a much more scenic drive through the state of Arizona. We passed something called the "Holy Moses Wash." 
haha  --  now that thar's funny!

It wasn't long before we crossed over the Colorado River...



...and into our home state of California:

 I knew we were in California when I saw the San Bernardino mountains:

I told Dad to pick up the speed.
Let's go  --  let's go!

I really worked up an appetite.  I was gettin' mighty hungry, so we stopped for lunch.

What's a fella gotta do to get a frickin' meal around here?

After Mom and Dad ate lunch, my mom brought me a piece of bread.  I was so excited, I nearly flew out the window to get it from her:

We only had a few more hours to go until we reached home.  And as close as we were to the finish line, it seemed like the longest stretch of our trip.
I told Mom to stop sulking and focus on getting home:

Whatever Mom did, it must've worked, because that's when I saw the Westlake sign:

We're home, home, HOME!

I took a dump on the front lawn to celebrate my homecoming, and then checked out the vicinity for any rabbits, squirrels, etc. 

I came up empty.  They must know I'm back in town. 

So for now, it's time to get back to work and finish up my travel blog.
Geez, how do I close this out?
Our super-adventure posts must come to an end for now.
Thanks to all of my followers for joining us on our journey, and stay tuned for our next one (yeah right, as if Mom is anxious to get back on the road again any time soon...).
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. Well Tank great job on your blog. The three of you had a great trip thanks for taking me along. Glad your all home safe. Have a Blessed Christmas too. Love Ms. Perezzo :)