Friday, December 5, 2014

-- The Turning Point (Day 25)

Today was our last day in Orlando.  Mom and Dad started their day with an all-you-can-stuff-in buffet breakfast.  Uh-oh, looks like it's gonna be a bad food weekend.

With their visit to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot behind them, today was all about me. Oh yeah, and the ever-growing pile of dirty clothes.

But Mom promised to take me to the doggy park after she washed and dried the laundry!

Woo hoo!  Gonna go to da doggy park! 

We all thought it wouldn't take that long to do the laundry, but evil lurked in one of the magical washing machines.
The spin cycle didn't work, and when Mom opened the machine, all of the clothes were dripping wet.  Including two towels. 

What a drippin' mess!

Mom realized this was simply a first-world problem and she had no right to complain.  She thought about how her ancestors must've done the laundry without modern machinery, and it invigorated her.

Oh, dear me...  there goes my manicure

Mom had to wring everything out by hand.

Meanwhile, Dad and I continued to wait impatiently back at the Supervan.

Finally, Mom finished wringing out the clothes and transferred them to the clothes dryer. When she came back to camp, I was happy to see her.

However, Dad wasn't so happy.  He said, "I thought you said you'd be right back? What the [bleep] took so long?"

Mom was quick to defend her delay. She told Dad that the machine didn't spin and said it would prolly take two drying cycles because of the saturated towels. 

Now lets stop here for a moment. 

My mom tends to think that Dad listens to everything she says But like a lot of men, Dad suffers from a condition called, "selective listening."  This is where the men look right into their wives' eyes, pretending to be interested in every word spoken, but unless it's a subject about cars, sports, or sex, they don't hear a dang thing. 

Uh-huh,  yeah,  I'm listening...

Case in point:  Dad responds to Mom's explanation by saying"Well, I guess I'll just take a shower while we wait. Where's my towel?"

Uh, Dad, didn't you just hear what Mom said?  The towels were soaking wet and they're going to take two cycles to dry...

What?  No dry towels?

And now, a word from our sponsor:

And we're back folks.  The good thing about the clothes taking extra long to dry is that we got to go to the doggy park before the laundry was finished.  Since it had been raining all morning (yeah, right?), the park was nice and soggy. Which means there were no other dogs around to sniff my butt and check out my junk Dang, I just hate it when those little ankle-biters look under my hood. 

Must... get... ball...

I chased a ball and obediently brought it back to my dad -- I'm a retriever, after all.  We kept up this little game of fetch until I saw a squirrel on the fence.  Then all bets were off.  Dad had to go retrieve the ball himself cuz I had better things to chase.

On our way back to camp, I saw something called a deer.  When we made eye contact, the deer stood there like a statue

That's no fun I like things that run.  It's all about the chase, you know?

I noticed more RV people with gratuitous Christmas decorations.  It's as if there were some sort of competition going on as to who has the most ridiculous display.  Lights, bows, trees, tinsel, inflatable characters, etc.  They must use half their storage capacity just to haul that crap around with them.

By the time we got back to camp, I was pooped Our campsite always seemed to be wet.  Dad put down a tarp for me to lay on so I wouldn't have to lay on the wet pavement.  Yeah, well, good intentions... I'm a dog, okay?  I don't always make a lot of sense with my choices in life.

I got a wet ol' belly

Mom finished up the laundry while Dad and I took a well-deserved nap. 

For dinner, Mom and Dad went to Downtown Disney.  It was a shopping bonanza and food frenzy.  Mom watched through the window as they made caramel apples 

Yum yum!

Good thing my mom had no idea what this place was until tonight or she woulda gone there everyday.  Mom's ignorance was bliss when it came to Dad's credit card.  Made me wonder if Dad knew about Downtown Disney and conveniently "forgot" to inform Mom... 

Although today was a 'free' day with no set plans, we were exhausted.  The Supervan is awesome, but 25 days cooped-up in a confined area has taken its toll on my mom and dad, especially since it's rained so much on our trip. The three of us are tripping over each other:

-- Dad wants to watch TV, when mom prefers silence so that she can write.   I don't care -- I just wanna eat and sleep;

-- Dad wants to go to sleep early, while Mom is more of a night owl -- she wants to use her PC or iPad and the light from the screen keeps dad awake.  I don't care -- I can sleep through anything;

-- Mom wants to go out for meals, and Dad says, "Why don't ya just cook something up for us in the Supervan?" As long as I get something good to eat, I don't care where it comes from;

-- Mom wants to breathe in the fresh air, and Dad ate a ton of refried beans from that Mexican restaurant--  Okay, way too much information.  You get my point. 

We've had a magical time here at Disney World, but I think it's time to turn this rig around and head for home before my Mom and Dad really get sick of each other.
Does this hat make me look fat?


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