Thursday, June 26, 2014

-- ...Right Back Where I Started From (Day 10)

Another early wake up call.  Dad says we're headed home today.  Ahh... At least I know where all the squirrels and bunnies hang out in my neighborhood.  Makes me giddy.

 Yo -- the vacation's over, varmints.  Here I come.

The weather this morning in San Francisco was dismal.  I love my morning routine, sniffing and searching for the perfect place to do my business -- and the rain on my face is such a distraction.  Not a good way to start my day.

Okay, I'm over it.

When we got on the freeway, Dad could hardly see the road ahead through all of the crazy fog.

As soon as we got out of the Bay area, though, it was situation normal:  a boring drive.

We stopped by Sportmobile in Fresno for some quick maintenance on the Supervan. 

Btw, this is where our 'just-a-van' was transformed into a SUPERvan.

Okay, not-so-quick maintenance.  They said it would take 3 hours. 
3 hours??? Seriously?

Lunch was at a familiar restaurant we'd visited last time we were here That logo always cracks me up:

I can totally relate to a full belly, but I can't push a wheelbarrow

I wasn't allowed inside the restaurant.  No surprise.  But since the Supervan was in the shop, Mom and Dad tied me up outside the restaurant in the shade.  Something smelled awfully good in there. some for me!

Lemme in... I smell tortillas...

When the Supervan was ready to go, I couldn't wait to get back on the road.  It's hot in this town.

Geez, let's go already...

It was Mom's turn to drive and she cranked up the A/C for me.  Ahh... 
I love my vent

When we exited the freeway in Westlake, I knew I'd be home soon.  There were so many things I couldn't wait to do...

I just wanted to chase something:

I don't know if I'll have that much energy after eating all those tortillas on the way home. But there are lots of other things I could do.


I know.  Maybe Grama can take me for a walk... 

Oh-- squirrel !

Sheesh.  After such a long drive, I think I'm even too tired to walk. 

Oh well.  I guess I'll just chill on the sofa and watch some TV with my dad.

Our road trip has been fun and adventurous, but at the end of the day, there's something to be said about being in your own back yard.
Right back where I started from...

Until our next Supervan adventure, happy trails to you all, and thanks for following us on our journey.

Love, Supertank

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