Friday, June 20, 2014

-- House Hunters (Day 5)

This morning, it was time to look at more properties.  Hey, as long as I can ride in the car, I aint complainin’. (This means I will be rewarded in some way for my superior ability to behave and not puke or poop in the car). 
We drove into Bridger Canyon to see a house on "Meadow Lane."  Ahh, that sounds so peaceful, doesn't it?  (*cue birds chirping*) 
Mom liked this house from the git-go, but Dad thought there would be too much maintenance (whatever that means).  All I know is that the yard smelled a lot like horse crap.  Prolly cuz there were horses there and horses have a tendency to crap (and who can blame them for wanting to poop in their own yard?).
There was a barn at this property, too.  But this time, it was a real barn...
Besides the putrid horsey-smell, I gave the place a paw-up (as opposed to a thumbs up...need I explain?)
The house was made out of logs.  Here’s my dad, checking it out:
"...I dunno, Sue.  I just dunno..."

The views were pretty nice, too.  I could chase a lot of critters across that field:


And, I’d have my very own pond: 
...someone better get that frickin algae out of there or my mom won't go near it.

I think Mom’s gonna have to do a lot of arm-twisting to get Dad to go for this property, though.  He’s still day-dreaming about that barn at Trooper Trail.  

We saw another house up the road that wasn’t on the list.  The real estate lady said we might be interested, so Dad said what-the-heck.  By this time, 'Diet-Coke withdrawal' set in on my mom and she was in one of her ‘quiet’ moods.  (My dad seems to like these moods by the way...I wonder why...)
This real estate lady musta had a crystal ball or something because she brought an ice chest with bottles of water and cans of Diet Coke.  Holy crap, that lady is smart. 
Mom chug-a-lugged that Diet Coke faster than a frat-boy drinks beer.  And then everything was right with the world.
Anyway, back to my story.  We traveled up the hill on Greenridge Drive. When Mom and Dad got out of the car, they made goo-goo eyes at each other.  At first I thought maybe they were in love, but then I realized the dopey looks meant that they liked what they saw -- the house:


Now that's what I'm talkin' about...
 Check out this view:

Finally we headed back to town for lunch.  We actually went to Ted’s AGAIN.  More bread and a piece of bacon from Dad’s Angus Steak Burger (he gave me the bacon because he’s watching his calorie intake...cough cough).
Mom and Dad stuffed themselves to capacity and the 3 of us headed back to the RV park to take a much-needed nap.
Since they ate so much food at Ted’s, Mom and Dad swore they would skip dinner.  However, after our nap, they drove to a nearby cafe and ordered up 2 slices of peach pie -- hah.  So much for counting calories, huh?  (p.s. I wasn’t going to mention this, but since they didn’t order me a slice, I’m tattling on them) 

What a couple of fatties...

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