Thursday, June 19, 2014

-- Trooper Trail (Day 4)

Today, my mom and dad wanted to drive into Bozeman, Montana to look at property.
I hear the backyards in Bozeman are pretty big. Lots of room to frolic and chase critters (what kind of critters are in Montana, anyway?)
And I get to tag along! (Maybe I can even sneak a pee on a lawn).  Hah.

The first place we went to was cool.  It was on a street called Trooper Trail.  Kind of a silly name for a street, huh?  I had to wait in the rental car while they went inside, but my mom took a ton of pictures and showed them to me when she came back to the car. 

Since it's June, everything is green and colorful. My mom took this photo of the back of the house today:
...But here's what the real estate lady sent to us. This is how the house will look in January:
Holy crap!  What happened to my grassI'm supposed to poo on a blanket of ice? 
My dad likes this property because it has an awesome barn.  Really, Dad?  A barn? 
He says he's gonna use it for a workshop.  (He better not be pullin' my leg -- I hope they don't think I'm gonna stay in a frickin barn.) 
Here's a pic of the inside.  Dad says this is not your typical barn...haha.
Mom let me out of the car for a photo op.  I couldn't help  myself.  I put my seal of approval on the edge of the roadside...
Hey, look over there...       haha... ain't I a riot?

The next place we looked at wasn’t so much.  The house was really nice, but the neighborhood... well, it kinda sucked. 
There was a double-wide next door and a big watering-thingy-contraption at the farm across the road.  I could tell my mom wasn’t happy about that because she didn’t even bother to take pictures.

Lunch was in downtown Bozeman at a place called “Ted’s Montana Grill.”  We went here on our last road trip.  More bread for me... Yes!


After lunch, we drove around Bozeman to check out the area. Then, it was back to the RV park.
Dad took me for a long walk while Mom worked on her computer.

Check out this awesome sunset at 9:44pm local time. Wow, 9:44!  How cool is that?

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