Tuesday, June 24, 2014

-- Going Coastal (Day 8)

Our day began with minor mechanical issues with the Supervan.  Something about a "fuel cell." 
My dad tried to fix it, but he decided to deal with it after our road trip.  Whew.  I sure didn’t want to get stranded.  It’s too hot here.

Today, we head for San Francisco to see my bro, Rob. 

Gonna see Rob -- Gonna see Rob.  I have happy feet!

It wasn’t long before we crossed into California!


The drive was scenic, with pine trees for miles and miles. 

Please pardon the bugs splattered on the windshield!

Dad stopped along the way at a view point so Mom could do her usual photo op.  Dad and I climbed out of the Supervan and waited by a tree.  When Mom got out of the van, Dad started laughing.  I didnt get it.  What was so funny? 
I looked at Dad and then over at Mom. 
Oh. My. God.  How utterly embarrassing.  Somebody call the fashion police!
Didn’t they even look at each other when they got dressed?  Not only were they wearing the same-colored shirt, but brown-plaid shorts too!

I shoulda been a model...

We stopped in Roseville for lunch No surprise... they chose BJ's.  Bring on the pasta bread.

Mom drove the rest of the way into San Francisco.  Welcome back to the California traffic:

Turned out, there was an accident ahead.  After an hour wait (pfft), we continued on and crossed over the Carquinez Bridge -- hah, I've never heard of that bridge before.

And then we crossed the Bay Bridge.  Pure awesomeness.


We arrived at the San Francisco RV Resort.  Wow, nice coastal view! 

Dad took me for a walk while Mom set up our camp. 


Everything was peaceful for a while...  Then the Loud Family moved in to the space next to ours.  With a howling mutt, too Ugh. 

And if that weren't bad enough, then the news worsened:  Rob had to work late, so we won't get to see him until tomorrow. 

In a state of depression, I turned in early.



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