Monday, June 23, 2014

-- I Dream of Bacon... (Day 7)

Today, we have a long drive ahead of us.  After we ate a half loaf of Mom’s sourdough bread (I love toast), we got on the road early.
Typically, my dad drives until we stop for lunch, but all of that bread must've had a soporific effect on him (ah, the ever-occurring food coma as my brothers like to call it).  Mom took over so Dad could catch a power nap in the back seat. 

Mom and I played the cloud game.  You know that test that they give you, where you look at an inkblot and you tell em what you see?  Well, my mom and I used cloud formations instead.

What do you see here?

You probably said a flying elephant, didn't you?


Okay, how about this one?

You probably said a big fat rat, right?


Funny, cuz that's what my mom said, too.  But you're all wrong...

Both clouds are the same thing:  Bacon.


Now you see why I like to sleep.  These driving games are pure dumbness.  Im gonna take a nap and dream about bacon.

We stopped in Wells, Nevada for lunch at a place called Bella’s Espresso Cafe.  I cant tell you much about the food because all my mom and dad bothered to bring me was two packages of saltine crackers. 

Uh, gee Mom. Thanks.

Mom headed west on the I-80.  One of the cool things about driving in Nevada is the speed limit. 


Mom musta been feeling guilty about those measly crackers because she told Dad I needed more dog food.  We looked for a grocery store in Elko, but didnt see one.  There was a Walmart, though.   

A dangerous pastime...

As Mom got out of the Supervan and walked toward the store, Dad shouted, No impulse purchases,” out the window.  Sorry, Mom.  Sucks for you.  Take solace in the fact that you got your coffee cups yesterday...

Mom did well.  She came back minutes later carrying a bag of dog food and a cold Diet Pepsi.  Atta girl... 

Dad took us through Nevada while my mom typed away on her computer.  All in all, it was not much of exciting day. 

We stopped for the night in a city called Lovelock.”  Haha.  Instead of an RV park, Dad suggested dry camping at the Rye Patch Dam and Reservoir on the Humboldt River.


Something was up with my mom.  Just our walk down to the lake sent her into a sneezing fit.

C'mon Mom...get over it.  What about my walk

Dad to the rescue.  This camp site was a nice change of pace, but it was HOT.  Sometimes I wish I could take this dang fur coat off!

But Dad says I get to drink as much water as I want!


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