Saturday, September 10, 2011

-- It's Good To Be Home ...

I woke up early today for two reasons: 

Number 1-- there was this yapper dog in the RV parked in front of us who wouldn't stop barking.  I think it was a Jack Russell terrier.  Yo Jack-- you are truly ANNOYING. 

Number 2--  we heard voices behind us and my mom looked out the back window of the Supervan to find three people digging through the trash dumpster.  It looked like they were taking bottles and cans out of the dumpster.  One guy was actually standing inside the bin. 

I hope he was careful, because there are more things than bottles and cans in there--like little plastic bags full of my poo-- Hah!

Today we're packing it up early so we can meet my bro, Rob, for breakfast in Westwood.  After a quick stop in Thousand Oaks to pick up our mail, we called Rob-- or should I say, we woke up  Rob-- at 10:30am and picked him up in front of his apartment. 

For breakfast, we went to a cool place named "Snug Harbor" on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica.
Of course, I had to stay in the Supervan while they ate... and if that wasn't bad enough, they all came back empty-handed. Pfft. Where's the love, guys?

Here's a pic of me with my cool bro, Rob:

The drive to San Diego wasn't that bad -- I guess because it's a Saturday.  It only took us another two hours from Westwood (sheesh!). 

I was pretty dirty after this trip.  Although I spent a lot of time in the water yesterday, my fur coat was pretty sandy.  My mom stopped at the San Diego carwash with a coin-operated doggy wash machine. 

I tolerated it, but it wasn't fun.  I guess things could be worse though--anything is better than going to one of those grooming joints.  I don't like blow-dryers, so the groomers always stick me in a kennel until I dry.  It pretty much sucks. 

Anyway, the coin-operated doggy wash is only 12 minutes of torture and my mom talks to me the whole time while she washes me.  Since my mom couldn't video my bath, check out this video.,0,5403999.story

So now I'm clean and we are only minutes from home.  That's our building--

When we parked at our condo, my mom had to get the cart to load all of our crap from the Supervan-- and I got to go for a ride...
Ain't I cute?

My dad loaded everything up and we headed for the elevator.  As soon as I got inside the house, I was ready for a relaxing nap... 

Ahhh.  It's good to be home.

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