Thursday, September 8, 2011

-- Ventura Highway...

Heading south, we cruised down the 101 toward Ventura.  Destination:  Rincon Beach.  My mom and dad used to drive by Rincon frequently when they worked in Santa Barbara and I watched out the window, pining for the beach.  I guess my pining is finally paying off.  'Bout time...

We passed a strange vehicle on the way -- what the heck?

My dad surprised us and took us to lunch at an old favorite of ours in Goleta:

Yum-- and it wasn't even the weekend!  (my mom said that In-n-Out is not exactly "healthy eating," as evidenced by the greasy bag... ).

We found a camping spot at Rincon-- we were lucky -- there was only one empty site along the highway.  Looks like everyone had the same idea as my dad to camp here.  Here is our view out the door of the Supervan:

Not bad, huh?

I couldn't wait for my mom and dad to set everything up -- I needed to hit the surf.

Here's a shot of me with the Supervan in the background:
I shoulda been a model...

Okay, now I don't know about you guys, but I have a mom with an obsession for taking photos of me when I am shaking out water from my fur coat.  It's really annoying, and I try to delete these embarrassing photos when she's not looking, but she made me post these: 

I look ill...  Why does she do this?

My dad says we are going to be here all day tomorrow too.  Yippee!
For now, it's time for a little nap, and then...

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL???  It's the kickoff for the NFL football season:  Packers vs. Saints

Clay Matthews is a BEAST ...


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