Wednesday, September 7, 2011

-- No Dogs on the Beach...

What a beautiful day.  My dad says we are going on a 3-mile walk
down Pacific Coast Highway into Cambria for lunch.  No dust, no heat,
no rocks, no hills -- no reason for my mom to complain today. 

I waited patiently to begin our walk.  C'mon--c'mon!

Pacific Coast Highway was kinda dangerous.  The cars were whizzing by us as we walked-- I don't think it's common for people walk to town from the campgrounds... 

But we made it to Cambria alive...

... and had a nice lunch at the Main Street Grill.  On the way back to the campground, my dad found a boarded pathway along the beach.

I looked toward the ocean, anxious to frolic in the waves... 

... and then I looked closer at the sign:


Every entrance to the beach had a sign posted.  I was pretty upset, but then something caught my eye--

Dang--my dad said I couldn't chase after it.

We continued down the path and we saw wooden steps leading down to the beach -- and there was no sign posted!  So my dad said "Let's go"--
I almost pulled my mom down on her butt (sorry Mom).

As we walked along the path, we saw more signs posted -- I wasn't supposed to be on the beach -- I think the sign was missing by the stairs where we accessed the beach.  But I didn't poop or pee on the sand--and I wasn't a bad boy--so I hope it was okay that I took a quick swim...  Sorry...

After a long nap, my mom called me into the Supervan for dinner--then my dad made a huge bonfire!  My mom took a video of me by the fire and she said I looked like an alien!

We didn't bring any marshmallows, so I had to go without.

... and now it's time to watch the Republican debate! 

          Good night...


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