Saturday, September 3, 2011

-- A Trip to the Pool...

When we woke up, our huge granite campsite was full of other campers!  They must have sneaked in during the night. 

My dad and I went for a walk down the 2-mile trail to Voyager Rock just to see what we were missing out on due to my mom’s hissy-fit yesterday.  Voyager Rock was SO COOL!  We could have camped right at the water's edge. 

After a while, my dad called out to me--he said it was time to go back to the Supervan.  I stared out at the water, reluctantly leaving the lake behind. 

When we got back to the Supervan, I was exhausted.  Sometimes it’s tough being such a fatty.  I admit, I am out of shape, but sadly, I am addicted to food. 

One of the neighboring campers came over to say hi and I let him pet me.  Michael instantly fell in love with me.  I have that effect on people, you know. 

We left Voyager Rock and drove through McKinley Grove.  The sequoia trees were HUGE. 

Here is a close up photo of me inside one of the trees:
And here’s the same shot from a distance:

We continued on our road trip, traveling south.  Along the road, there was a trash can with a sign next to it. 
Uh, why would anyone drive through the mountains simply to dump their household garbage??? 

It was 104 degrees and my mom said she would love to go for a swim to cool off.  We stopped for the night at a KOA Kampground in Vasalia, California.  Not a very impressive part of town, but the campgrounds looked pretty much like all the other KOAs:

And here is a photo of our campsite:

My mom changed into her swimsuit and cheerfully headed toward the community pool while my dad and I took a nap.  She sat on a chair for 20 minutes, watching bratty kids of various ages dominating the pool and debated whether or not to go in.  After a few of the brats left, she sat on the first step with her legs in the water.  It took less than 2 minutes for the remaining brats to hit her in the face with a ball, splashing her face and hair. 

And that was the end of my mom's visit to the community pool. 

She took a shower instead and returned to our campsite. 

My mom spent the evening doing the laundry while my dad cooked dinner--and I slept.  I call that simpatico. 

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