Monday, June 27, 2011

-- Bait and Switch...

Today we are heading up to San Jose to pick up my mom.  She was visiting her family this weekend and the thought of all that talking made my dad so tired, he allowed her to go on her own so she could yakety-yak it up with her sister and all of her mom’s cousins. 

My mom is quite the talker.  My dad and I don’t talk much, so we don’t really get it, y’know? 

Anyway, we picked up mom (happy me, happy me) and stayed at an RV park in Morgan Hill.  It was the Coyote RV Park. 

I didn’t see any coyotes there.  I consider this to be false advertising, or maybe even a bait and switch.  Anyway, this place was kinda small, but it rocked when it came to accommodations.  I got to pee and poop in a fenced area, especially for me.  There was a pool and a Jacuzzi, but I wasn’t allowed in there.  I was happy enough to be tethered to the wrought iron fence on some nice grass while my mom and dad sat in the Jacuzzi. 

Our campsite was more like a camp 'slot.'  Here's a photo:
My mom said she liked the clean bathrooms, showers, and laundry facility.  Good for her.  Why does she tell me these things?  

Anyway, the downside:  No squirrels, no critters of any sort.  Didn’t even get a glimpse of a lousy bird. 


My dad says we’ll leave in the morning and try something else, so I have that to look forward to…

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