Monday, October 1, 2012

-- SuperTank, The Hunter

Since we moved to Hawaii, I've been getting a lot of exercise. I chase things all day, like feral cats. I try to creep up on them, using my hunting skills I've acquired over the years from chasing so many squirrels. 

But somehow, they hear me coming. They must have radar or something.

My biggest challenge is this slippery little sucker: The Mongoose.

I hear those little critters all day long, slithering through the naupaka in my backyard.

Geez, my mom is nagging me in my ear.  She says I need to tell you what naupaka is... Sheesh, okay. Naupaka is a bushy kind of plant that grows near the beach. It's the perfect hiding place for the mongoose.

Now, as I was saying before I got interrupted... To get a better idea of what I was up against, I consulted the uber-knowledgeable Mr. Bill:

Okay, as usual, Mr. Bill's answer was, "Oh nooooo..."  (Sometimes I think Mr. Bill doesn't know jack-poop, btw.) 

So I was left to navigate the Internet:

Creepy-looking, huh?  I'm puttin' my squirrel-chasing on hold.


After a full day of scouring the naupaka in the hot sun, I came up
empty handed -- er, empty pawed, that is.  I finally pooped out. 

After all, tomorrow is another day.

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